Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My favorite part time job

Like I mentioned earlier, I worked with flowers over the weekend. My sister in-law Sarah, you know the one with the open vibe, had a large event on Saturday and I was hired for the day to be her assistant. I would love to brag about how I was a part in designing these creations, but I didn't so all the credit goes to her. I couldn't even assemble these correctly. I asked where to stick the branches and she responds with "Well, where is your line?", "Ummm, what's a line?". I still don't know what a line is in floral design so I let her do the hard stuff while I got stabbed multiple times by some greenery and lost part of my toenail. The job got done on time and beautifully! Being a floral assistant is my favorite part time job ever.


  1. I used to have to make floral arraingements while I part-timed it at Pier One. I was the worst! People still bought my "creations" though. Next part time job is def going to be in a greenhouse. Love working with flowers. Looks like you had a good time.

  2. you lost part of your toenail? that sounds like a whole other post!