Friday, September 2, 2011

So long summer

Summer is not truly over but with school back in session and fall clothing hitting the stores, it is only a jump away. I know it's close when the sun sets early and that totally bums me out. This summer has been crazy and tons of fun. I'm super sad to see it go! I am a fan of all seasons they all have there perks, right? Here are my pros and cons of saying goodbye to summer and hola to fall:

- It's closer to winter and snowboarding. I'm missing my favorite hobby!
- The changing of the leaves. 
- Less sweating. I never miss the sweating and humidity.
- Return of decent television. That was a totally lame pro. ha

- Packing away the summer shoes. Booooooo!
- Shorter days. Ugh. The summer solstice (aka longest day of the year) is my favorite! The sun doesn't set until after 9pm, awesome.
- Rain. It seems to always be raining in the fall.
- Goodbye to fresh summer veggies. 

What to you like or dislike about the change of the seasons?

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