Thursday, September 15, 2011

Until next year

The husband and I are both in college. We both take three courses a term which is pretty close to full time and we both work full time jobs. So to summarize, our schedules are pretty busy. I often feel like things in my life get pushed to the side like my hobbies, dreams, social life, career and some duties at home. All the time I hear myself say “next year I’ll do that” or “next week I’ll clean that” or “my next school break I’ll finish that”. Sometimes I feel like a total slacker but when I look back on my weeks I don’t know where I would have fit in anything extra. I have less than one year until I graduate!!!!! Once I crossed that ‘one year left’ mark I have been able to realize that this will not be my life forever. I have started planning my future again. I even started a rough idea of a five year plan and I’m super excited about it. I am now dreaming of my life post college and I have a long growing list of things I 
plan on doing with my new free time.  Here is the beginning of it:

1. Landscape. My poor neighbors have had to put up with our weed garden this whole summer and you know what I don’t care. I’m hoping to tackle the yard mess during the summer of 2012.
2. Veggie garden. I have also left my veggie garden dreams be overtaken by the weeds. I started my beds way too late this year and the only thing that grew in there were 6 jalapeño plants and some tomato party crashers who came out of my compost.
3.  Scotty camping trips. We’re taking the camper somewhere next year. Long distance somewhere and short distance somewhere. We just need to discover the where parts!
4. Sew again. Once upon a time I went to fashion school and I could design, pattern and sew clothing. Since then I have lost my inspiration, but it is back and I’m itching to get my machines out and running.  5. Finish a quilt. I don’t know how many times I have started making a quilt. Countless amounts of cutting and sewing with no end result! I want to patch all those beginning dreams together and get one done!
6. Make one item for me a month. Knit, sew, metalwork. The list goes on and on of my creative hobbies and my tools and supplies have been gathering dust. I want to make 12 items for myself or home. That is one a month.
7. Complete my mural. I started a mural on my living room wall. I traced the image and some painting has been started but that is it. For a whole year that is what I have been looking at! It needs done.
8. Miscellaneous home improvements. I could make an individual list of all the things I would like to accomplish in my house but that’s going to need a whole separate post.
9. Fitness. I want to get outdoors more. Use my kayak more, hike (maybe an overnight trip on the Appalachian trail? Eek!), climb outdoors and ride a bike (I can’t ride a bike. I fall into cars. Don’t laugh, please.).
10. Career plan. I'm not going into detail about this but I have dreams. Big dreams.

Will I have any time after my "free time" list? Doesn't look like it!

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