Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and randoms from the weekend

 Shots from our haunted house that was the whole 1st floor of our house!

 Since my other half couldn't be at the party I had Pearl be my couple. An owl and a squirrel.

 Edward Scissorhands and a bush. 

 Halloween 2011 costumes. An owl and a local Carlisle, PA celebrity.

 My sister, brother in law and niece.

 A zombie drinking blood.

Happy Halloween people! Trick or Treat is tonight. I'm hoping we get more than the three kids that showed up last year. Not likely since all of my neighbors are 80+ and don't turn their lights on!

So the weather around here got a little crazy this weekend. Saturday morning I woke up to snow. I'm used to snow, just not in October. It was a way early snow storm and our trees still have the leaves which equaled out to fallen trees and wires. It was noon on Saturday and we are set to have a party here at the Stets residence. Power goes out. I was about to have a temper tantrum like a five year old. I got over it and had a beer, called in a favor and a generator was on its way if the electric didn't come back on. Thankfully around four the power to our house was restored and I didn't have to punch anyone. The party had low attendance due to the dumb snow storm but we had fun and everyone who didn't show missed out. Hear that? You missed out. The other half to my costume (Cami the one in the hat) missed the party because a tree fell down and blocked her car. Our epic couples costume didn't happen but luckily Pearl came to the rescue and busted out a squirrel costume. Thanks Pearl, I can always count on a white dog.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Flashback

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 Jonathan and I dressed up as old people. This costume was so fun. The sad part is I was able to use a bunch of my own accessories for my costume. I remember someone was like "Nice old lady shoes!" Ummm, I wear these. On the regular. I didn't buy them special! The only item I had to buy was the dress. I put tennis balls on string to dangle down over my belt as boobies. Jonathan borrowed my grandma's extra cane for the night.

Dancing in our old people costumes was hilarious. someone told me to stop dancing because I reminded them of their grandmother. Mission accomplished!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Real life Halloween week

Have you missed my face? I'm guessing yes because how couldn't you? I have Halloween week going on here at the blog and in my real life. I've been working on costumes, DIYs, decorations, party prep plus a little school and work thrown in on top. Here is what my week has been looking like.

 Pearl looking like she is being neglected like always. Nothing new here but trying to not get her covered in jello or hot glue!

 The very beginning of Cami's awesome costume. In case you haven't been informed Cami and I are doing a couples costume. Get ready to be jealous!

 Cutting out fabric for my costume.

 Then some sewing action.

 Heather helping with our closet door cover/ photo booth background.

Proof I can use tools. (I'm hammering if you can't tell.)

Halloweening out this week people. I may be going a little over board with this holiday but you can believe when I say that you will see this at no other time of the year. I listen to some Christmas music and bake some cookies but I basically hide and wait for "those" holidays to be over. Only in October will I be crazy about a holiday. Pinky swear.

Halloween Flashback

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009 Jonathan and I dressed as Johnny and June Cash. I loved Jonathan with that dark hair. Very studly. He complained about wearing sunglasses all night. I told him to get over it, he commited to the costume and there was no turning back.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween DIY: Body part jars

For my Halloween party/ haunted house we are setting up a 'mad scientist' room. Notes that were jotted down during our brain storming session were "body parts", "blood", "body parts in jars" and "bodies cut up". All fake of course. We're not serial killers or anything. I had an idea for the body parts in jars. I wanted the parts to be suspended in the jars and not just float to the top. Enter jello. 

What you will need is large containers or bowls, lots of jello (I used three large boxes for each jar) and fake body parts. I'm using my jars strictly for decoration but you could totally eat the jello just sanitize the plastic parts before throwing them into your food.

Severed fingers and eyeballs.

Here are the directions and they are very complicated so read carefully. Make the jello as directed. Put the liquid jello in your containers. Refrigerate as directed. THEN jam your fake body parts into the jello. Done, now enjoy.


Halloween Flashback

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008 Jonathan and I dressed as Juno and Pauly Bleecker from Juno. Who didn't love Juno? I think this was the most expensive Halloween costume ever because we had to buy the sweatshirt. It was worth it though. To bad it was so cold that year and my man couldn't sport his little shorts without the sweatpants. Also, I don't have a baby I haven't shared with you yet. I stuffed a pillow inside a pair of spanx. It gave me a great look but was a major pain when I had to go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween DIY round up

There are so many awesome Halloween DIYs out there I wanted to share with you my most favorites. Some aren't Halloween specfic but will work great for the holiday.

Framed Frankenstein and his Bride portraits from Kelsey

Glow Stick Lanterns. These would be great to light up your sidewalk for trick or treat night! From Ashley

Bats! From Dana

Ghost Statue. Totally creepy.

116 frozen hand

Floating hand punch from Real Simple.

Have fun with your projects!!

Halloween Flashback

Halloween 2004

Halloween 2004 Jonathan and I went with a classic costume, nerds! Being nerds comes naturally to us. This is such an easy costume because you can find ill fitting clothes anywhere and for cheap! My favorite touch was the shoes with sandals. Oh, and maybe Jon's middle part.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween DIY: Non toxic blood

A necessity for any creepy Halloween scene or costume is fake blood. Buying the premade variety at the store can get expensive and is made with some intense chemicals. You can easily make large amounts at home with three to four ingredients. 

What you will need is corn starch, red food coloring, water, a bowl and whisk.

Use a three to one ratio when mixing up the ingredients. Three parts corn starch one part water. The corn starch at first will become thick and sticky before becoming a smooth liquid.

Next add the red food coloring. Don't be shy about it, you will need lots of red food coloring so the blood will be red and not hot pink.

If you are having trouble getting the blood to turn a nice shade of red try adding a squeeze of chocolate syrup. The brown can help your blood have a deeper shade of red.

If your blood is a little runny try adding more corn starch to the mixture. Mix everything up until you have your preferred color and consistency.

I made 1.5 quarts of blood using 2 16oz boxes of corn starch, 2 bottles of red food coloring and a squeeze of chocolate syrup. Good luck!

Halloween Flashback- Welcome to Halloween week!

Halloween rules. When you're little you gets lots of candy and no matter what age you get to be anything you want! I challenge myself every year to come up with a good costume that I will be proud of. Every day this week I will feature one of my costumes from the past couple years. I will also be posting lots of Halloween DIYs and decor ideas I'm using for my big Halloween party on Saturday. So excited to share these with you! 

Halloween 2003

Me as Lisa with Lisa the bride

Jonathan as Jeremy is big bro and Jeremy the groom

Halloween 2003 was my brother and sister in law's Halloween wedding. Jonathan and I came up with the idea that we would dress like them for their reception. I figured out a way to borrow Lisa's coat and got a wig that looked similar to her signature hair style. I think I did a fantastic job on the costume people even mistaked me for her, well for like a second in the dark. Jonathan wore welding coveralls and a welding mask since his brother's a welder. Since the wedding was outside and the end of Halloween it was a challenge since we also had to bundle up but we pulled it off.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Casual Friday

There is something about a jean day that makes me get out of bed without hitting snooze four times. I work in corporate America so a day to wear jeans makes me super excited. I don't know why. I pretty much wear what I want and because I mostly wear skirts I justify it by saying skirts are fancier than a pair of khakis. Even though my skirt is paired with a cotton tank top. Anyways, my co-workers and I  celebrate jean days like they are holidays. Sometimes they make us pay for jean days, like this one by donating money to charity. Whatever I'll take it. It's comical really.

I was looking forward to this jean day because I don't have anything navy. I have navy, just nothing navy to wear with this new sweater that I gots. An upcoming jean day was perfect rationalization to buying this sweater, don't you think?

Sweater: Jcrew
Tank: Jcrew
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Sofft
Glasses: Warby Parker

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flea market chic Vol. 1

Jonathan and I love thrifting, fleaing and antiquing. I live for finding things that are a great deal and I love mix and matching items in my home. As much as I try to have modern or matching things in my house my internal style pulls through and it all gets mixed up and crazy on me. 

One day while we were browsing an Anthropologie and my husband runs up to me, I've never seen him so excited to be shopping with me. "Look, they wrote a book about us. We're not alone." I look down to the book that was in his hand. It was titled something like 'Flea Market Style', sorry I can't find it on their website anymore to give you an exact title. Flea market style. Now that I think about it, that is totally our style. Now the husband and I describe our home decor style Flea Market Chic. 

With flea marketing and thrifting most of the pieces in our home have a story. With this I thought I would go though my home and single out my favorite pieces and tell you the story behind them.

Dining room sets are expensive. My last house I 'borrowed' a table from my grandparents for five years! That table didn't fit the feel of this home so we returned it. I found our new table at a local auction house. Every Thursday they have public actions of multiple sellers' lots. I went that week for an iron bed frame which I didn't win. When this table came up for bid no one would bid on it so I took the bait and got it for a steal. The chairs are 3/4 of a set that was a gift from my parents, more like we saved them from the trash pile and the fourth chair was saved from a trash pile by my sister in law.

My cabinet, also shown here is one of my favorite finds ever. I also won it at the local auction house only I went there specifically for it. Along with the cabinet came a note from the owners. It said that the cabinet was built for his grandfather's doctors office. He kept medicines and supplies in it and the glass was frosted. When the grandfather retired the grandmother had the glass replaced and used it to display her plates. Finding out the history of things is the exciting part of this hobby of ours.

Stay tuned for future looks into our flea market chic home and decor!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A collection - Fiesta

I come from a family of collectors, I'm using the term collectors to be nice. I have to fight the collecting gene in me on the regular. I find myself saving random stuff all the time, but I slap myself and put it in the donation pile because I don't want a cluttered house. Since I've been a homeowner it's easier to purge the unneeded junk, especially when I live in a small cape cod with two closets. Yes, you read that correctly, two closets. Total. 

My collections are limited to my wardrobe (who can blame me there? Do clothes even count as a collection?), crafting supplies (That random glue gun has come in handy multiple times and so has that set of needle nose plyers!) and dishware. My disware collection is limited to Fiestaware only. I have modern Fiesta for my every day use and I have a small selection of vintage Fiesta on display. My collection is no longer growing except for the rare vintage find or maybe a new awesome color. I big heart Fiestaware, I have since I was little. My grade school BFF Amanda's mom collected vintage Fiesta and I loved eating off plates that were all mismatched. The little thrills in life! It's like a rainbow at your table everytime you eat dinner. 

I try to keep my colections to a minimum. How about you, do you have any collections?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I travel


tiny little happies
I am guest posting today over at Tiny little happies. I am discussing a favorite topic of mine, books! Book series to be exact. Stop over to see whats up!

Monday, October 17, 2011

This is what I carry

I feel like my bag is an endless pit. My husband won't even attempt to find anything in my handbag, not even my large wallet. I have went weeks thinking I have completely lost something, like my ipod, only to discover it at the bottom of my bag. Hopefully I'm not the only one with this problem, but I probably am.

I will say my main problem is this bag. I love you J Crew, but this bag failed. Big time. It has four different sections, so if I throw something in there I have four huge sections to hunt through before I find it. IF I ever find it. It just proves my theroy that you shouldn't buy handbags without looking at them in person first. What, you never heard me voice that theroy before? That's because I just came up with it but it sounds good. Also, why am I too lazy to change this handbag that is causing me so many problems? I don't know that answer to that one either. Maybe it's because this bag is so versitile. Sounds goods so I'll go with it too.

Second problem is I carry so much with me and not all of it is pictured! I remember my mom would have ANYTHING you could ever need in her bag. She had nail clippers, a nail file, a sewing kit, tissues, snacks, and hard candy. If something was going down we would be okay because she had a mini survial kit slung across her shoulder. The only emergency I am prepared for is if you need a different lip gloss or stick for every hour of the day. It still doesn't look like much but when you are searching through the bag looking for your keys this stuff is all up in the way.

I do believe everyone should carry some back up shoes with them, you never know when a heel might break. I do the samething when packing underwear you should always have double then what you really need, but that is a topic for another day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

New jams for your Friday


Last week I was introduced to Hoots and Hellmouth. I advise you check them out asap. Check out there spot on the web here and their FB page here. I have been listening to their newest album, Salt non stop for the past week. I can't get enough.

In other news, remember when I went to that wine tasting in Maryland? Well, the Washington Post must have thought I was someone special because they put me up on their site. I'm like super famous or something. Yes, the 'or something' part is correct.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall festivals and dog haters

While on our camping weekend we left camp for a little on Saturday morning to visit the annual Hartslog Day Festival in Alexandria, PA. We had no clue what this little festival had in store for us, we heard about it from the fellow campers. We drove to the little town fought for a parking spot and finally made it to the vendors when people started yelling at us. "Can't you read?!? No dogs allowed!" I'm a pretty observant person but I was more interested in gorgeous old homes with the Juniata river in their back yard, not tacky anti-dog signs. So we took the verbal lashing and stepped out side of the 'no dog zone' to come up with a plan. We were not leaving poor Pearl in the car, that is just mean and dangerous and I wanted to see what the festival had to offer so I didn't want to turn around and go back to the camp grounds. So we carried her. I assume the dog problem was because the pups were taking up street space and the festival was majorly crowded. Not many people even noticed her up in our arms and we saw a bunch of small breed dogs being carried around. We did get some dirty looks but hey I'm used to those. Plus Pearl loves being carried, she is quite lazy.

The crafts at the festival were a bust, too country for my taste but these vendors were doing major business. Food was another story, Jonathan and I got some snacks while we were there. We've never had apple fritter rings and if they were in the same category as funnel cakes then I was willing to give them a try. They were worth the trip. Pearl thought the trip was worth it to be carried around for an hour. She was in dog heaven.