Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Camping in a 13 foot travel trailer

The drive out

My very appropriate camping outfit

Dinner in the camper!

7 Points Marina

This weekend was our first adventure in our mini camper. We went back to Raystown Lake where we went earlier in the summer with some of the family. You could say I was more than a little nervous to go camping. I've camped before, I was a girl scout so this chick has camped enough in one life time. It wasn't that, I was nervous to spend all this time in that little camper! It has been raining 24/7 the month of September and I was worried it would rain the entire time and we would be all up in each other's faces all weekend which might not be healthy for a marriage. I was worried that we would have too much stuff to fit into our baby camper. I worried about sleeping on a bed that is a little larger than a twin with Jonathan and Pearl. All that worrying was for nothing! We had a great time and sleeping on a cramped camper bed for a couple nights didn't kill us.

I am wishing it was still summer so we could camp more. I love relaxing vacations.


  1. You guys look so cute in your camper! It was meant to be.

  2. You and Jonathan are so cute, but I believe Pearl stole the show haha! Love the pics!

  3. That top picture of Pearl is my favorite of her EVER!

  4. It kind of looks like you are eating a giant dog bone in that one picture, LOL!

  5. Now that you say that it does! It was a wrap, I promise you. LOL!