Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A collection - Fiesta

I come from a family of collectors, I'm using the term collectors to be nice. I have to fight the collecting gene in me on the regular. I find myself saving random stuff all the time, but I slap myself and put it in the donation pile because I don't want a cluttered house. Since I've been a homeowner it's easier to purge the unneeded junk, especially when I live in a small cape cod with two closets. Yes, you read that correctly, two closets. Total. 

My collections are limited to my wardrobe (who can blame me there? Do clothes even count as a collection?), crafting supplies (That random glue gun has come in handy multiple times and so has that set of needle nose plyers!) and dishware. My disware collection is limited to Fiestaware only. I have modern Fiesta for my every day use and I have a small selection of vintage Fiesta on display. My collection is no longer growing except for the rare vintage find or maybe a new awesome color. I big heart Fiestaware, I have since I was little. My grade school BFF Amanda's mom collected vintage Fiesta and I loved eating off plates that were all mismatched. The little thrills in life! It's like a rainbow at your table everytime you eat dinner. 

I try to keep my colections to a minimum. How about you, do you have any collections?


  1. My husband and I just started collecting Fiestaware! We got married October 1, and we registered for it and got all our place settings and some accessories like flour/sugar/coffee bean canisters, pitcher, platters, etc. Now we're trying to learn about vintage Fiesta and collect a little of it!

  2. Yay! I love collecting the vintage stuff one piece at a time. I found a large vintage mixing bowl at a flea market for $3. What a steal!!

  3. Always love glass and ceramic vases. My fav is the grean royal haegar earth wraps and the amberina crackle glass. I'm super paticular on amberina so I don't have many pieces.