Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall festivals and dog haters

While on our camping weekend we left camp for a little on Saturday morning to visit the annual Hartslog Day Festival in Alexandria, PA. We had no clue what this little festival had in store for us, we heard about it from the fellow campers. We drove to the little town fought for a parking spot and finally made it to the vendors when people started yelling at us. "Can't you read?!? No dogs allowed!" I'm a pretty observant person but I was more interested in gorgeous old homes with the Juniata river in their back yard, not tacky anti-dog signs. So we took the verbal lashing and stepped out side of the 'no dog zone' to come up with a plan. We were not leaving poor Pearl in the car, that is just mean and dangerous and I wanted to see what the festival had to offer so I didn't want to turn around and go back to the camp grounds. So we carried her. I assume the dog problem was because the pups were taking up street space and the festival was majorly crowded. Not many people even noticed her up in our arms and we saw a bunch of small breed dogs being carried around. We did get some dirty looks but hey I'm used to those. Plus Pearl loves being carried, she is quite lazy.

The crafts at the festival were a bust, too country for my taste but these vendors were doing major business. Food was another story, Jonathan and I got some snacks while we were there. We've never had apple fritter rings and if they were in the same category as funnel cakes then I was willing to give them a try. They were worth the trip. Pearl thought the trip was worth it to be carried around for an hour. She was in dog heaven.

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