Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flea market chic Vol. 1

Jonathan and I love thrifting, fleaing and antiquing. I live for finding things that are a great deal and I love mix and matching items in my home. As much as I try to have modern or matching things in my house my internal style pulls through and it all gets mixed up and crazy on me. 

One day while we were browsing an Anthropologie and my husband runs up to me, I've never seen him so excited to be shopping with me. "Look, they wrote a book about us. We're not alone." I look down to the book that was in his hand. It was titled something like 'Flea Market Style', sorry I can't find it on their website anymore to give you an exact title. Flea market style. Now that I think about it, that is totally our style. Now the husband and I describe our home decor style Flea Market Chic. 

With flea marketing and thrifting most of the pieces in our home have a story. With this I thought I would go though my home and single out my favorite pieces and tell you the story behind them.

Dining room sets are expensive. My last house I 'borrowed' a table from my grandparents for five years! That table didn't fit the feel of this home so we returned it. I found our new table at a local auction house. Every Thursday they have public actions of multiple sellers' lots. I went that week for an iron bed frame which I didn't win. When this table came up for bid no one would bid on it so I took the bait and got it for a steal. The chairs are 3/4 of a set that was a gift from my parents, more like we saved them from the trash pile and the fourth chair was saved from a trash pile by my sister in law.

My cabinet, also shown here is one of my favorite finds ever. I also won it at the local auction house only I went there specifically for it. Along with the cabinet came a note from the owners. It said that the cabinet was built for his grandfather's doctors office. He kept medicines and supplies in it and the glass was frosted. When the grandfather retired the grandmother had the glass replaced and used it to display her plates. Finding out the history of things is the exciting part of this hobby of ours.

Stay tuned for future looks into our flea market chic home and decor!


  1. I love the cabinet especially, it's beautiful. The note makes it that more special.

  2. keep the house tour posts coming! my favorite!