Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween DIY: Body part jars

For my Halloween party/ haunted house we are setting up a 'mad scientist' room. Notes that were jotted down during our brain storming session were "body parts", "blood", "body parts in jars" and "bodies cut up". All fake of course. We're not serial killers or anything. I had an idea for the body parts in jars. I wanted the parts to be suspended in the jars and not just float to the top. Enter jello. 

What you will need is large containers or bowls, lots of jello (I used three large boxes for each jar) and fake body parts. I'm using my jars strictly for decoration but you could totally eat the jello just sanitize the plastic parts before throwing them into your food.

Severed fingers and eyeballs.

Here are the directions and they are very complicated so read carefully. Make the jello as directed. Put the liquid jello in your containers. Refrigerate as directed. THEN jam your fake body parts into the jello. Done, now enjoy.


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