Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween DIY: Non toxic blood

A necessity for any creepy Halloween scene or costume is fake blood. Buying the premade variety at the store can get expensive and is made with some intense chemicals. You can easily make large amounts at home with three to four ingredients. 

What you will need is corn starch, red food coloring, water, a bowl and whisk.

Use a three to one ratio when mixing up the ingredients. Three parts corn starch one part water. The corn starch at first will become thick and sticky before becoming a smooth liquid.

Next add the red food coloring. Don't be shy about it, you will need lots of red food coloring so the blood will be red and not hot pink.

If you are having trouble getting the blood to turn a nice shade of red try adding a squeeze of chocolate syrup. The brown can help your blood have a deeper shade of red.

If your blood is a little runny try adding more corn starch to the mixture. Mix everything up until you have your preferred color and consistency.

I made 1.5 quarts of blood using 2 16oz boxes of corn starch, 2 bottles of red food coloring and a squeeze of chocolate syrup. Good luck!

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