Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Flashback- Welcome to Halloween week!

Halloween rules. When you're little you gets lots of candy and no matter what age you get to be anything you want! I challenge myself every year to come up with a good costume that I will be proud of. Every day this week I will feature one of my costumes from the past couple years. I will also be posting lots of Halloween DIYs and decor ideas I'm using for my big Halloween party on Saturday. So excited to share these with you! 

Halloween 2003

Me as Lisa with Lisa the bride

Jonathan as Jeremy is big bro and Jeremy the groom

Halloween 2003 was my brother and sister in law's Halloween wedding. Jonathan and I came up with the idea that we would dress like them for their reception. I figured out a way to borrow Lisa's coat and got a wig that looked similar to her signature hair style. I think I did a fantastic job on the costume people even mistaked me for her, well for like a second in the dark. Jonathan wore welding coveralls and a welding mask since his brother's a welder. Since the wedding was outside and the end of Halloween it was a challenge since we also had to bundle up but we pulled it off.

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