Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and randoms from the weekend

 Shots from our haunted house that was the whole 1st floor of our house!

 Since my other half couldn't be at the party I had Pearl be my couple. An owl and a squirrel.

 Edward Scissorhands and a bush. 

 Halloween 2011 costumes. An owl and a local Carlisle, PA celebrity.

 My sister, brother in law and niece.

 A zombie drinking blood.

Happy Halloween people! Trick or Treat is tonight. I'm hoping we get more than the three kids that showed up last year. Not likely since all of my neighbors are 80+ and don't turn their lights on!

So the weather around here got a little crazy this weekend. Saturday morning I woke up to snow. I'm used to snow, just not in October. It was a way early snow storm and our trees still have the leaves which equaled out to fallen trees and wires. It was noon on Saturday and we are set to have a party here at the Stets residence. Power goes out. I was about to have a temper tantrum like a five year old. I got over it and had a beer, called in a favor and a generator was on its way if the electric didn't come back on. Thankfully around four the power to our house was restored and I didn't have to punch anyone. The party had low attendance due to the dumb snow storm but we had fun and everyone who didn't show missed out. Hear that? You missed out. The other half to my costume (Cami the one in the hat) missed the party because a tree fell down and blocked her car. Our epic couples costume didn't happen but luckily Pearl came to the rescue and busted out a squirrel costume. Thanks Pearl, I can always count on a white dog.


  1. Sad little tree over here................sad little tree.

  2. your sister's costume is awesomespice.


  3. Can you tell me when your next Halloween party is for 2012. I'm def going next year. As long as the rapture doesn't occur.