Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A night with my favorite girl

Let’s start off by saying I have no clue what to do with children. I don’t have any, that should be pretty obvious, and maybe that is why I don’t know what to do with them. I want kids, I mean not now but they are definitely part of my five year plan. I was the youngest of two and didn’t really have many younger family members that I had to take care of so I never learned how to care for children. I did babysit my younger cousin once. I was in middle school and who knows how old she was but I remember my aunt totally freaking out because we didn’t eat lunch. Due to her over reaction of not feeding her daughter a proper lunch I neglected to mention that we walked the whole way across town to go to a penny candy store, The Candy Barn, and pig out on gummies. This is really the reason we didn’t eat lunch, because we were all hopped up on sugar from all the gummies. That and I couldn’t cook. So let’s just say I was never asked to babysit ever again. I have been terrified of babies from an early age. I believe it all started when I wasn’t allowed to hold one of my baby cousins. My sister sat in a chair and they put they baby in her lap and it was all get and awesome then when it was my turn they were all like “No you’re too little and you can hurt her”. I think I’ve held two newborns after that and both times I have questioned the mother’s parenting skills for putting their child’s life in my hands. Maybe children can sense a motherly vibe. I don’t have that so most kids don’t give me the time of day. But there is one kid who has and she is my most favorite girl in the world, my niece Evelyn. 

Evelyn spent the night with Jonathan and I Saturday night. We really didn't have a clue how to entertain a three year old so we winged it. We took her to a kid friendly dinner at a local diner, painted her nails and watched a kid movie since we couldn't play out side due to the rain. She said she had fun which is all that matters. Can we talk about how little kids sleep?! Maybe she was super excited and that's why she didn't fall asleep until after 11pm but the waking up before 7am on the weekend was too much for me. Don't even get me started on Disney channel television either. That stuff is out of contro and not in a good way. So my hats are off to you mothers because I could barely handle a weelend sleep over!

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