Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our camper has friends

A bonus to camping this weekend was that we got to see many campers similar to ours! Our camper is a vintage Serro Scotty (a 1966 Gaucho to be exact) and surprisingly there are big fans of these campers. Big enough fans that there are clubs, jamborees and camp outs for the owners and fans of these little campers. Back when we were dreaming and looking for a little camper we stumbled upon a bunch of these Scotty campers abandoned in weeds and fields. We discovered what brand they were and we focused our search on Scotty campers only. That is when I came across the Scotty fan sites and through those sites I found my own Scotty camper. We were interested in seeing some other vintage campers in person, learn refurbishing tips and just gain general knowledge of how other people travel in a miniature camper. So when we found a camp out was happening so close to us we thought it would be a perfect weekend to take the Scotty out on it's first trip. There were nine campers there total and it was so fun to see all the little teal guys lined up! It turns out that these campers were made in Pennsylvania and that might be why you see many more on the east coast then any where else.

I really want one of those striped awnings! It will have to go on our wish list....

If you are interested in Scotty campers look here and here. Serro Scotty campers where made starting in 1956 and are still made today.

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  1. these little campers are so cute - look like the perfect way to enjoy some outdoor fun! I love that they have followers too - even better!