Thursday, October 27, 2011

Real life Halloween week

Have you missed my face? I'm guessing yes because how couldn't you? I have Halloween week going on here at the blog and in my real life. I've been working on costumes, DIYs, decorations, party prep plus a little school and work thrown in on top. Here is what my week has been looking like.

 Pearl looking like she is being neglected like always. Nothing new here but trying to not get her covered in jello or hot glue!

 The very beginning of Cami's awesome costume. In case you haven't been informed Cami and I are doing a couples costume. Get ready to be jealous!

 Cutting out fabric for my costume.

 Then some sewing action.

 Heather helping with our closet door cover/ photo booth background.

Proof I can use tools. (I'm hammering if you can't tell.)

Halloweening out this week people. I may be going a little over board with this holiday but you can believe when I say that you will see this at no other time of the year. I listen to some Christmas music and bake some cookies but I basically hide and wait for "those" holidays to be over. Only in October will I be crazy about a holiday. Pinky swear.


  1. I wish I was able to come to your party! But alas, we have a Halloween wedding and then another party after that. Hopefully, we won't be snowed out!

  2. Halloween is party central so I completely understand. That doesn't mean I won't miss your face!!