Monday, October 17, 2011

This is what I carry

I feel like my bag is an endless pit. My husband won't even attempt to find anything in my handbag, not even my large wallet. I have went weeks thinking I have completely lost something, like my ipod, only to discover it at the bottom of my bag. Hopefully I'm not the only one with this problem, but I probably am.

I will say my main problem is this bag. I love you J Crew, but this bag failed. Big time. It has four different sections, so if I throw something in there I have four huge sections to hunt through before I find it. IF I ever find it. It just proves my theroy that you shouldn't buy handbags without looking at them in person first. What, you never heard me voice that theroy before? That's because I just came up with it but it sounds good. Also, why am I too lazy to change this handbag that is causing me so many problems? I don't know that answer to that one either. Maybe it's because this bag is so versitile. Sounds goods so I'll go with it too.

Second problem is I carry so much with me and not all of it is pictured! I remember my mom would have ANYTHING you could ever need in her bag. She had nail clippers, a nail file, a sewing kit, tissues, snacks, and hard candy. If something was going down we would be okay because she had a mini survial kit slung across her shoulder. The only emergency I am prepared for is if you need a different lip gloss or stick for every hour of the day. It still doesn't look like much but when you are searching through the bag looking for your keys this stuff is all up in the way.

I do believe everyone should carry some back up shoes with them, you never know when a heel might break. I do the samething when packing underwear you should always have double then what you really need, but that is a topic for another day!

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