Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our first letterboxing trip!

Our first find

The view from Kings Gap Mansion

I've talked about our new hobby of letterboxing before. This weekend we went on our first letterboxing hunt. We searched Kings Gap state park for five different boxes that were planted along the mountain. There are multiple trails and spots that the boxes were planted at on the way to the top of the mountain. At the top is a mansion and that is where Jonathan and I were married! So it made since to start this new hobby at our most favorite place. Plus there were five boxes to hit in the same area. As our first time hunting for letterboxes it was a challenge and started out frustrating when we could find the very first box, but that one seems to be missing since the last group couldn't find it either. At least this is a good way to get out and adventure in our area more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hoots and Hellmouth in concert

Last month I discovered Hoots and Hellmouth. I've been playing them on repeat ever since and to my surprise the radio station announced that they would be playing close by. Jonathan and I declared a date night Friday and went to York, Pa to see the band play and get pre-concert drinks.

Doesn't Jonathan look ultra studly in his hat. His hat was my great uncle's hat that my sister gifted him last Christmas. He is seriously an old man in the body of a twenty something. If I've never shared his 'old man' stories with you I definitely should!

The show was super awesome. Vinegar Creek Constituency opened, I would consider them a blue grass band. I'm a sucker for anything with a banjo or mandolin so I big hearted them. Hoots and Hellmouth played a great set. Jonathan and I were blown away by the voice of the lead singer. I would advise you to check 'em out!

Monday, November 28, 2011

My non-retail Black Friday Adventure

Mary the birthday girl!

Jonathan's mother's birthday is around the Thanksgiving holiday. It's a plus for me because it's easy to remember the date. She definitely has a passion for hiking so for her Black Friday birthday celebration we took her out for breakfast and a hike on the Appalachian Trail. 

Fay's Country Kitchen is the local breakfast place that we hit up before the hike. Jonathan and I are regulars, like they automatically bring over a coffee, water and unsweetened ice tea when we sit down regulars. We used to live a block away so it was just so darn convenient. Now that we live a tad farther away we don't frequent the resturant as much put we still give it some love on the weekends. 

The Appalachian Trail runs through our county in Pennsylvania. Since the trail cuts through right outside our town we can park at a number of roads and hike a section. If you are not familar with the AT, the trail runs from Maine to Georgia which is approximately 2,180 miles long. The trail is marked by white blazes like the ones seen above. Of course I have never hiked the entire trail and I really don't think I would ever be hard core enough. I would like to do a long weekend hike through our area in PA. 

The siblings- Jennifer, Jonathan and Sarah

Me and the Mary the mother-in-law

What's awesome about the trail is that it cuts through forests, fields and back yards, whether the property is state or privately owned the trail is allowed through. One section we hit was through a horse farm, stairs were built to walk over the fence so the horses couldn't escape.

Friday the weather was gorgeous. It was in the high 60s, which is crazy for the end of November here in central Pennsylvania. Our total trip was 7.5 miles. It totally beat battling the craziness at the stores!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The radio sucks us in

The only radio station in the area that I can stand listening to is XPN, radio of the University of Pennsylvania. They play local music and more indie rock which I'm a fan. Only problem is that during the prime hours of 7pm to 9pm Monday through Thursday they have a program called Kids Corner. I'm sure this is wonderful for children and parents alike, but I am neither of those. Jonathan and I are sucked in at least once a week to the Kids Corner. Sometimes in the car, or when J is out in the garage or at a restaurant or hair salon. We can't get away from it.

Now I'm sharing this story because of what happens after listening to a session of the Kids Corner. We end up singing the songs for weeks. Then because we can't get them out of our heads Jonathan and I will share them with each other. Jonathan's current favorite Kids Corner jam is "Hello, my chicken thinks he's a dog" by Trout Fishing in America. Sorry, I could find a video for that one. Maybe you will thank me. You can stream their music on their website!!!

My current Kids Corner jam is "More Cowbell" by Joanie Leeds. You can check it out below, but I warn you that cowbell will be ringing in your ears for weeks.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some things I'm are thankful for this year.

my awesome Husband
the crazy white dog Pearl
laughter that takes the stress away
my little house
this space that inspires creativity
a comfy bed
the warm wood stove
friends and family
and Jonathan is thankful for his new Jeep.

Have a fun holiday!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

B attire

One of the best things is rediscovering clothing that has been hidden away. Can you believe I have ignored a bin of winter clothing since our move of summer 2010? It's been chillin' up in the garage attic for a year. I was wondering what happened to my scarf collection and now I know. I sheeshed it forever, how rude of me! It's sweet to be reunited with my goods. My 'B' scarf was so happy to be back around my neck. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, that's true for clothes too.

Scarf - Gap circa 200ish?
Shirt - Jcrew Outlet
Belt - Limited
Pants - old old Express
Shoes - Swedish Hasbeens
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jonathan on fashion

Jonathan's thoughts on fashion.

"This is the kind of coat that would melt to you if you were in a fire."

He is speaking of his new work coat that he is modeling above. Some how clothing that melts to you is something he looks for in his wardrobe. I would maybe want the opposite, but hey opposites do attract right?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Randoms from the weekend

I was busy being creative this weekend. I got out the supplies and planned out a couple dress patterns. It feels great getting my creative juices flowing again. I don't know if I ever shared this awesome piece of information, but I went to fashion school. I had a job at a children's clothing designer but they went out of business. Since then I have been letting my skills drain out of me by working an office job and continuing my education. I still work a desk job and I still go to school but I am finally using my free time more creatively now. My first pattern that I'm going to make it the Sally dress from Jcrew. I thought before I try to make something of my own design I would just knock something off to get my skills back in order. 

While I was being creative Pearl was busy sulking. She really just wanted me to be touching her so she was pissed. Sad, sad eyes.

Saturday night my sister in laws decided to head downtown for a couple drinks so I got out of my sweatpants and joined them. Sweatpants are not appropriate 'going out' wear. I could have bust a move in my bleached velor pants, it might not have been pretty but I could have made it worked. I also got a hair cut this weekend so that's pretty big news around here. So short. Maybe too short.

Sunday was the Thanksgiving celebration at the father in law's which included mini bikes, motorcycles, kids, a couple wrecks, lots of food and family time.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I'm super duper excited for the short work week this week!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I found a new skill, Stamp carving!

I talked about our new found hobby of letterboxing. Not like we've actually gone out and done anything but I have been preparing. See you need a trail name and stamp. I have been stressing over what our name and stamp logo should be. I've also stressed over how to actually make a stamp. I was thinking about being a total pudge and just buying a stamp but that seems super lame. I sucked it up and bought a carving tool and some rubber and got down to business. 

The supplies - rubber, carving tool, scissors, a knife and mad skills

Now for my design. Since we thought this hobby would be a fun camping activity I thought I would include the Scotty in the stamp. Then it took a couple tries to get a shape I liked.

I also wanted the home state to be in the picture. Holler PA! So I made some copies of my Scotty sketch and the PA outline until I got the size I wanted. I traced the outline onto the rubber. Now this part may blow your mind because sadly I had to think about it a dozen times before it sunk in. You have to do everything in reverse. I know this can be challenging especially before your coffee in the morning or after a beer or three on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I had the sunny Saturday challenge. I passed though.

Now onto the carving. This is tricky because those little tools are sharp! One wrong move and I could have sliced the Scotty right off the map! Hahaha. Hopefully you all got the map joke.

I am super happy with my finished product! I don't even care if I never use the stamp for the made purpose. It's so awesome. Next summer I think I might walk around a campsite asking kids if they want their hand stamped with it. I might get kicked out. It'll be okay.

I also have no idea for a trail name. Gemme suggestions!

Any stamp artists out there? Pass along any carving tips for my next piece of stamp art!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jonathan's Funny

Hopefully you liked Jonathan's random comment last week, I did. I also like making comment bubbles on his pictures so there gonna keep coming. It's endless material.

Jonathan - Pearl, we need to send you to LAA. Lick-Aholics Anonymous. There maybe cats there or even squirrels, but you all have the same problem and you need help.

Pearl's a lick monster and she does need help.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tumbling Run

I wish every weekend was like this. Quality time with family and some time in nature. Plus the weather was oh so awesome.

On Sunday afternoon Jonathan, his mom, sister's family and I hiked a short trail close to our house called Tumbling Run. The trail is crazy popular in the summer because you hike through a stream to the top of a small waterfall. In the fall it's less frequented but we still passed a couple groups along the way. Our little nieces came along for the hike so you assumed correctly that it wasn't treacherous trail but pretty challenging for the little ones. It was major challenging for Pearl. Jonathan carried her half of the way down. Poor lazy girl dog, we need to work on her fitness.