Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do you letterbox?

Do any of you know about Letterboxing? On our camping trip we met a letterboxer and it turned us on to the hobby. My sister has letterboxed for years, but now that I'm a serious outdoors woman (not really serious, just go with it) I found it a little more interesting. Here's the deal, you go onto the letterboxing site and can check out the area you are in. You get clues to all the different boxes in your area. Then you go exploring to find these hidden treasures. Once you find a box you can track your journey in a book for yourself by using the stamp placed in the box. You also mark the notebook kept in the box with a stamp of your own creation. 

Jonathan and I thought this would be a fun way to find hikes or nature trails close to camp sites we plan on traveling to. Now I have to design and carve a stamp for us.

To learn more about Letterboxing go here. I understand my explanation might be a bit confusing and since I am a letterboxing virgin I may have missed some important information.

So tell me, have you ever heard of letterboxing? 

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  1. You definitely need to check out Geocaching then!! I don't know the website by hear but google it. Similar idea.