Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flea market chic Vol. 2

Jonathan's grandfather is 93 and had a lifetime of treasures in his home. A couple years ago he moved in with Jonathan's father and some of his belongings where shared with his children and grandchildren. Jonathan told his dad the only thing he would want out of the house was this little kitchen cabinet. When Jonathan's dad was little his parents bought this cabinet at a public sale, the seller's name was Becky so growing up they called it the "Becky's cabinet". Now the cabinet has a perfect home back in the home of a Becky.

Sure we thought the cabinet was super cute, but once it was home we realized how dirty and used this thing was. It had thumb tacks all over it and no knob fit or matched. Jonathan wanted to leave it as is but I thought otherwise. I closed up all the holes and imperfections and painted it. Now when the family sees it they comment how they wished they would have snatched it up. No one knew how much work I put into restoring it's cuteness, but they did miss out.

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  1. I love this cabinet, so cute.

  2. i live in an apartment with the smallest kitchen known to man, but i would throw away my stove if it meant making room for that charming perfection! i love it!