Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flea Market Chic Vol. 3

fireplace was a must when we bought our house and it is the focal point of our living room. I love rearranging the mantle but some items always make it up. I guess cause they're my favorites. It shouldn't be a surprise that most of the items are flea market or thrifted finds. 

One of my favorite wedding photos is prominently displayed. This frame I found in an antique store and I had the mat and glass cut for the photo. It's amazing what some paint can do for a sketchy frame. The 'S' is an old movie theatre letter that I found on eBay. 'S's are hard to find! I had to resort to online. The bird's nest was abandoned in my grandma's house while it was under construction. They were enclosing the porch and the birds wouldn't be able to get back there anyways so I salvaged it. 

My Fiesta mixing bowl was a score for a couple bucks at the flea. Of course it goes along with my other Fiesta pieces. I wish I had information on the bird painting and bunny print. This artist was usually at ArtsFest in Harrisburg every year but the past two years she didn't have a stand. Sad face. I would love to add more of her pieces to my collection.

The glasses print I bought for Jonathan for Christmas because he was super excited when he go his new glasses. The artist is Nan Lawson and here is her etsy site. The matching crystal lamps we discovered at an architectural salvage store. They were gross and hidden under piles of stuff. We had to fight the store owners for them. The forgot they were wasting away in the basement and saw the potential they offered. We won. The handy Jonathan rewired them and now are super cute especially with the red lamp shades. The lampshades came with the lamps and also cleaned up surprisingly well. The planter was also another flea find and I used it original purpose was for the center pieces at my wedding. 

I guess you could say these are my prized possesions since there up on the mantle. Do you think they're worthy? 

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