Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hoots and Hellmouth in concert

Last month I discovered Hoots and Hellmouth. I've been playing them on repeat ever since and to my surprise the radio station announced that they would be playing close by. Jonathan and I declared a date night Friday and went to York, Pa to see the band play and get pre-concert drinks.

Doesn't Jonathan look ultra studly in his hat. His hat was my great uncle's hat that my sister gifted him last Christmas. He is seriously an old man in the body of a twenty something. If I've never shared his 'old man' stories with you I definitely should!

The show was super awesome. Vinegar Creek Constituency opened, I would consider them a blue grass band. I'm a sucker for anything with a banjo or mandolin so I big hearted them. Hoots and Hellmouth played a great set. Jonathan and I were blown away by the voice of the lead singer. I would advise you to check 'em out!


  1. any specific songs you could reccommend to me on grooveshark?

  2. I had to look up what grooveshark was. Oh sho, I've been missing out!
    Their older stuff is more blue grassy, but I like it all.

    Some to try out:
    You and all of us
    Apple like a Wrecking Ball
    Forks and Knives
    Shorthand for a Natural man