Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How I met my man

The first picture of us together. EVER. Circa 2002.

I wrote this post and I scheduled it for last Friday, well my scheduling skills failed me that day because it never went up. Now thinking about my near disastrous events over the weekend it seems a little more fitting to talk about how I found the man who didn't punch me when I pretty much lost my wedding rings.

My husband and I never celebrate a dating anniversary. I'm not even sure when we actually started dating, but the first time we hung out solo was around this time of the year, Fall 2002. I just have to laugh when we now talk about that time in our lives. He was completely clueless when it came to women. I'll tell you the story. I had met Jonathan the summer of 2002 which was the summer after I graduated from high school. My friend Melissa had moved in with her man who was friends with Jonathan. I would hang out there and he would also. We would talk some but nothing major ever happened, even after my attempts of getting him alone. I would call him to hang out or ask him to tag along to where ever he was going after he left our friends' house. Never took me up on those offers. He told me that I called him to hang out when he was having a party and when he hung up his friends said "Dude, why didn't you invite her over?" Jonathan's response was "Oh yeah. I didn't think of that." That's what I was dealing with people.

I left for college but I was close enough that I could come home on some weekends. I was over trying to seduce Jonathan. Then I had a project at school were I needed to craft a belt out of license plates (I went to fashion school) so I called him up due to his manliness and wide collection of power tools. I came  home and he helped me with my belt and when he was driving me home that night I was asking him what he had planned for the rest of the night. He was going to a party and asked if I could join him. He called up his friend but the party was canceled. Sitting in his truck outside my house I suggested we continue hanging and I think he finally realized I was into him. Oh young love! We did hang out the rest of the night and I think the next day before I went back to school. Now the rest is history. Oh young love.

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