Friday, November 18, 2011

I found a new skill, Stamp carving!

I talked about our new found hobby of letterboxing. Not like we've actually gone out and done anything but I have been preparing. See you need a trail name and stamp. I have been stressing over what our name and stamp logo should be. I've also stressed over how to actually make a stamp. I was thinking about being a total pudge and just buying a stamp but that seems super lame. I sucked it up and bought a carving tool and some rubber and got down to business. 

The supplies - rubber, carving tool, scissors, a knife and mad skills

Now for my design. Since we thought this hobby would be a fun camping activity I thought I would include the Scotty in the stamp. Then it took a couple tries to get a shape I liked.

I also wanted the home state to be in the picture. Holler PA! So I made some copies of my Scotty sketch and the PA outline until I got the size I wanted. I traced the outline onto the rubber. Now this part may blow your mind because sadly I had to think about it a dozen times before it sunk in. You have to do everything in reverse. I know this can be challenging especially before your coffee in the morning or after a beer or three on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I had the sunny Saturday challenge. I passed though.

Now onto the carving. This is tricky because those little tools are sharp! One wrong move and I could have sliced the Scotty right off the map! Hahaha. Hopefully you all got the map joke.

I am super happy with my finished product! I don't even care if I never use the stamp for the made purpose. It's so awesome. Next summer I think I might walk around a campsite asking kids if they want their hand stamped with it. I might get kicked out. It'll be okay.

I also have no idea for a trail name. Gemme suggestions!

Any stamp artists out there? Pass along any carving tips for my next piece of stamp art!

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