Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The mailperson hates us

We have a problem with getting the mail. It's so simple, yet we never seem to retrieve our mail in a timely manner. In our row house the mailbox was in our face. Everytime you walked in the door you could reach over and grab the mail. Now it's down the driveway and across the street. The mailperson used to be our friend, when I had large packages delievered they would leave them on the porch. Now I have everything jammed in our little box and some days it looks like it is about to explode. I think the mailperson is over us not claiming our mail for weeks at a time. Last week I had shoes delievered and the boxed was crushed by being forced into the mailbox so then no other mail could fit into the mailbox. That's when we got the hate mail seen above.

Dear Mailperosn,
Boxes aren't made to go in mailboxes so take it up to the porch then you won't have to carry my mail around for a week until I empty my box.

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  1. DAMN that's a lot of mail! HAHA