Monday, November 28, 2011

My non-retail Black Friday Adventure

Mary the birthday girl!

Jonathan's mother's birthday is around the Thanksgiving holiday. It's a plus for me because it's easy to remember the date. She definitely has a passion for hiking so for her Black Friday birthday celebration we took her out for breakfast and a hike on the Appalachian Trail. 

Fay's Country Kitchen is the local breakfast place that we hit up before the hike. Jonathan and I are regulars, like they automatically bring over a coffee, water and unsweetened ice tea when we sit down regulars. We used to live a block away so it was just so darn convenient. Now that we live a tad farther away we don't frequent the resturant as much put we still give it some love on the weekends. 

The Appalachian Trail runs through our county in Pennsylvania. Since the trail cuts through right outside our town we can park at a number of roads and hike a section. If you are not familar with the AT, the trail runs from Maine to Georgia which is approximately 2,180 miles long. The trail is marked by white blazes like the ones seen above. Of course I have never hiked the entire trail and I really don't think I would ever be hard core enough. I would like to do a long weekend hike through our area in PA. 

The siblings- Jennifer, Jonathan and Sarah

Me and the Mary the mother-in-law

What's awesome about the trail is that it cuts through forests, fields and back yards, whether the property is state or privately owned the trail is allowed through. One section we hit was through a horse farm, stairs were built to walk over the fence so the horses couldn't escape.

Friday the weather was gorgeous. It was in the high 60s, which is crazy for the end of November here in central Pennsylvania. Our total trip was 7.5 miles. It totally beat battling the craziness at the stores!


  1. Guuurl you ruffin it!

  2. I can't wait to hike the app trail soon... and going to Fay's for breaky with you!!!

  3. I was saying I want to do an overnighter on the trail. No one has enough balls to go with me. Are you in? Of course Jono will be along. No other 'chick' has enough balls!