Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our first letterboxing trip!

Our first find

The view from Kings Gap Mansion

I've talked about our new hobby of letterboxing before. This weekend we went on our first letterboxing hunt. We searched Kings Gap state park for five different boxes that were planted along the mountain. There are multiple trails and spots that the boxes were planted at on the way to the top of the mountain. At the top is a mansion and that is where Jonathan and I were married! So it made since to start this new hobby at our most favorite place. Plus there were five boxes to hit in the same area. As our first time hunting for letterboxes it was a challenge and started out frustrating when we could find the very first box, but that one seems to be missing since the last group couldn't find it either. At least this is a good way to get out and adventure in our area more.

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