Monday, November 7, 2011

A story of my weekend

This is what went missing. 

This weekend I lost my wedding rings. I found them, thank sweet baby Jesus, but it was a stressful day until they were discovered. I'll tell you about it.

Saturday we went down to Baltimore to do some shopping with Jenn, my sister in law and nephew. They live in Towson which is north of the city and we went down to Glen Burnie which is south of the city, close to to the airport. There we picked out a snowboard for the nephew and then we headed over to a car dealer to look at vehicles for Jonathan. That's when I took my rings off to put on lotion. I got distracted by looking up the address for the dealership and forgot to put my rings back on. We test drove a vehicle left and went back up to Towson to go to the mall. I was browsing the Anthropologie sale room and picked out a skirt from the rack and that's when I noticed my ring less finger. "Funny I didn't wear any rings today." I thought. Then my heart stopped. I did remember to put rings on today. My full set to be exact and I instantly felt like I was going to throw up. Then I retraced my steps and remembered taking them off in the car. I dropped the skirt and ran up to the front of the store where Jonathan was standing. I calmly told him to go to the car because my rings were not on my finger. He grabbed the keys from Jenn and went back out to the car. I threw my return and credit card at Jenn and ran out to the car like a crazy person. I got out to the car and my nephew proudly handed over my diamond. I could breath again. My diamond was back on my finger but my wedding band was still missing. We searched the car but gave up. I went back into the mall to finish my returns and shop but my heart wasn't in it. We went to dinner, searched the car again with a flash light, hung out with the family then decided to leave and head for home. I got into the car and told Jonathan I would never be able to live with the "what if" so we headed back down to the dealership.

We drove back down to Glen Burnie which is a little over a half hour drive in the wrong direction as home, but I didn't care. I was finding that ring. It had to be in that parking lot. We got there and searched the property. I was close to tears, I wasn't finding it. I called my friend who works for my insurance company to ask if I needed a police report or not for my claim. I was waiting for her call back and aimlessly walking around the parking lot. I stepped down and one inch away from my shoe I saw it. I screamed. Jonathan ran over while I was jumping for joy. I was about to give up, head back home, miles away from my ring and I found it. Jonathan threw the flashlight he was using in a moment of joy. I might have peed a little. It was awesome.

Now let's talk about my husband on Saturday. When I told him my rings where not on my finger I expected anger. I was waiting to be filled with guilt from a very mad husband. I mean I LOST our wedding rings. A set of rings that not only have monetary value but they are to signify our marriage. Instead he was more understanding then I would ever be. He said that they were just things and can be replaced. "That's why we have insurance." I'm very thankful he acted like a sane person because I felt like at any moment I was about to breakdown and become a puddle on the floor or throw up. Maybe a mixture of the two. I was one second away from being a big hot mess. Then this came out "I am surprised it's taken you this long to lose them. You misplace everything. I mean we haven't even had a scare of them being missing." I can't really argue with that because its true. Sad but true.

I always joke about selling the rings or how I wished I had a different ring. You know how it is. Once I was faced with a lifetime of not having those two pieces of metal I was crushed. When I was getting married my rings were something I went crazy over. I worked for a jeweler so how could I not? I spent 40+ hours a week looking at diamonds and rings. I designed and carved the band of my solitaire myself and had it cast at my store. I mean I'm attached to it, I made it. It was an emotional day to say the lest. I glad everything worked out so I'm not still laying in a puddle in a random parking lot in Maryland. Also take my advice and get insurance for your rings because if you don't and you lose them your husband's might not be as understanding.


  1. THANK GOD they were found! Glad your Saturday had a happy ending, and points to Jonathan for being understanding.

  2. Wow! What a story. My stomach got a knot just thinking what I would do if that happend to me. I'm pretty sure I would go out and buy another ring and never tell Ryan. Glad you found them though!