Friday, December 16, 2011

The B turns one!

My first post was one year ago!!! I wasn't a faithful poster this whole first year but I am happy with my little space here on the world wide web. I am very thankful to all of you who read about my super awesome life and I hope you stick around because I'm not going anywhere! I started this blog to hopefully  bring some creativity back into my life. I was in a slump of working a desk job and slaving away at my bachelors degree. I had no creative outlet and I kinda felt like I was dying inside. I was super inspired by the talented bloggers out there and I wanted to bring some extra awesomeness home to me. I have benefited greatly from having this blog this year. I've gotten back behind a camera, experimented with my personal style more, took sometime to be crafty and started dabbling in photoshop again. I look forward to the year to come, 2012 we be great! I have some personal changes coming my way which I will share later.
My 2011 Stats - These are not to brag but I thought I would track some fun things for my own amusement
B is for Becky has 55 followers through Google Connect, Google Reader and Bloglovin.
I have taken 2,429 pictures this year.
Total pageviews this year has been 4,888.
Most viewed post is The blue ribbon cake when I made Jonathan's PBR cake with 151 pageviews.
Most random search that brought a viewer to me was "craps in eyebrows". (I don't know how that one happened)
I have 27 Pinterest followers. Find me here! I'm obsessed!

Once again thanks for being a reader here and cheers to another year!


  1. becky! congratulations on your milestone. i love the blog and hope you continue to be awesome. i also love the 'by the numbers' - so interesting.


  2. yay! happy birthday to the blog :)

  3. oh- i also wanted to say i love the 'B' :)

  4. Thanks Chrissy! Glad to have your support!