Monday, December 12, 2011

Flea Market Chic Vol. 4

One could say I'm a bit obsessed with house plants. If I had other places in my house that received good daylight then I would have more plant friends. The best light is in the dining room and that's where my largest plant collection is. I bought the large bench to be used with the dining room set but after I brought it home Jonathan and I thought it might not successfully hold the weight of more than one person so now it holds my plants. The wicker planter was in the temporary housing we rented from my grandparents while we were homeless between our last house and this home. I loved it and I kind of moved it home with me, so I kind of stole it from my grandma but she just downsized her home so she doesn't miss it.

Other then what my plants sit on being thrifted or 'gifted' to fit in with my flea market style, my actual plants are also. During the spring and summer months the flea market hosts a plant stand. A nice lady sells all types of house plants at great prices. I beg Jonathan to give me a dollar every time I see that she is set up. I've bought different succulents and once a cactus from her for a buck. They are baby sized when I get them but I love watching them grow and discover what they look like grown up.

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