Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Flea Market Chic Vol. 5

One little space I love in my house is the built in bookshelf beside the fireplace. The items on the shelves are always rotating with my favorite pieces or my newest finds. The tiny little window at the top is one of the cutest things ever.

Not everything featured on the shelves is a great flea or thrift find, but it all fits in with my style. If you haven't noticed already I have a thing for birds, bunnies, dogs and squirrels. Most of the art I buy has those animals in it. I don't know how the bird thing started but Jonathan and I used to have two pet rabbits, our family has an on going squirrel joke and dogs because I love puppies! The main item on these shelves is the bowl that was gifted to me from my grandmother. It was her mom's favorite mixing bowl and wanted one of the family members to have it after her downsizing.

Again, this dog figure was my grandmothers. It's funny how you see these items sitting around a house and you become attached to them. I only took a few select items from when my grandparents' downsized and I love each piece.

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