Saturday, December 24, 2011

Flea Market Chic Vol. 6 Christmas style

Merry Christmas blog world!!!

I love vintage Christmas goods. Half of my Christmas ornaments were purchased at the flea market and the other half were passed down to me from my grandmother. Next on my vintage Christmas list is a silver tree, I was too late to the game this year to find one on time. I love old tablecloths and I always pick up Christmas ones. I usually find them in the summer and by June you forget just how many tablecloths you have in your Christmas boxes already.

This year for the first time ever we are hosting Christmas. Jonathan and I are having a Christmas brunch at our crib and I will be attempting to make super awesome brunch food. I'm very excited. My favorite foods are breakfast foods but by calling brunch then you can add alcohol to the mix so it is like double trouble awesome! This Christmas is extra awesome because it's one super long weekend filled with family, (my family is visiting from Indiana and I had a sleep over with my cousin last night!!!) food and general awesomeness. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend!!!!

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