Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Manly Gift Guide

The Man of the house and I don't exchange Christmas presents. It all ended one year when I was working retail at a popular jewelry store. It was Christmas Eve and I was dealing with men who didn't care what they bought the women in their life, just as long as it was "Under a hundred". Then my husband came to visit me on my break, YAY! I thought. Then he asked what I would want for Christmas, anything at the store for 'under a hundred'. I told him to leave. The next morning I received a coupon for a dinner and a movie which would have been fine if my husband could stay awake for an entire movie (he can't). So I ruined Christmas and gift giving for us, I blame working retail but whatever. I thought it would still be fun to think up some Christmas presents for him that would make him pee his pants like he was five again.

Here's a gift guide for a guy who drinks cheap beer, can fix anything that could break, who's idea of new technology is Facebook which he just joined a few months ago, that jumps off buildings and can't stay awake during a movie. Here is a gift guide for your man if he is anything like my husband.

1. Begley glasses from Warby Parker because he breaks his pair every year.
2. Goodtime Parlor Banjo from Deering Banjos because I love me some banjo.
3. Softsole Moccasins from Minnetonka Moccasin because he's jealous of mine.
4. Cast Iron Dutch Oven from Lodge because he is more excited about cooking over a campfire then      
    anyone I've ever met.
5. Pack-away folding table from Coleman to eat all the campfire cooked food on.
6. Grill Jacket and Mr. Nice Guy Board from Burton because who doesn't love new snowboard gear?

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