Monday, December 19, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Most of us love treasure hunting, really who doesn't? Thrift stores, vintage clothing shops, flea markets and antique malls always entertain me for hours but my favorite treasure hunting locations are architectural salvage stores. Maybe it's imagining the materials at their finest in an old building. I love old buildings, it's my thing. I go to open houses of all the old homes downtown just to check them out even though it annoys the realtors and my husband. Too bad for them! When I'm shopping I try to find a place for each awesome piece of molding or set of doors in our house. It never works because our house is quite small but I still try. I have been to two huge stores, one in Baltimore and one in Pittsburgh and now we found on in York, PA. Way closer, yay! Saturday we explored Refindings in York for a set of floor vents with no luck but it was still fun. I found a beautiful set of our wooden gym doors, Jonathan could not imagine how awesome they would be between our living and dining rooms. Sad for me. The store was more antiques than salvage materials then I would like but it was still a good place to check out.

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