Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why squirrels.

The other day I mentioned that Jonathan and I have a squirrel joke going on. I thought I would share this ridiculous story with you.

Sad eyed Griffin at the emergency vet

It all started one night in 2009 when Griffin cut his leg open somewhere outside. He came in the house gushing blood and we couldn't get the wound to stop bleeding. We had to take him to an after hours emergency vet. While we were waiting for the vet to work on Griffin's leg, Jonathan and I were trying to brighten each other's moods by joking around about actually happened to his leg. It helped me stop crying hysterically like I was ever since I saw all the blood so I played along. Griffin had a thing for any small woodland creature that was smaller than him and squirrels were his favorite. He would stand at the back door and bark non-stop until you let him out into our postage stamp back yard to chase those pesky squirrels out. Jonathan then joked that Griffin was outside and got into a fight with a squirrel. The squirrel pulled a knife out on Griffin and sliced open his leg. From then on that night has been the night that "Griffin got in a knife fight with a squirrel". After that I bought Griffin a tee shirt that said "Squirrels can't be trusted!". The joke hasn't gone away.

Scaredy Squirrel at Night
Now my little niece Evelyn has been influenced by our "Anti-Squirrel" joke. She is a little wary of squirrels and I'm sad to say Jonathan and I made her that way, with the squirrel jokes. Young impressionable minds don't understand that we really don't hate squirrels and we are just joking around. To help her get over her squirrel issue I've bought her some Scaredy Squirrel books about a squirrel that is afraid of everything and is super silly to show that squirrels can be cute and cuddly. I don't know if its working but I tried.

Now the squirrel saga doesn't end there. Our new neighborhood is over run with squirrels. They are everywhere and have squirrel parties across the street at our neighbor's tree. It's big and it has nuts so they live, eat and party over there. I don't mind, I mind my business, I have a dozen bunnies that live in my yard so it evens out. As a house warming present my sister gave me a cute plant stand that I placed on my front porch and of course I put plants on it. One day I went out to water my plants and the plants were knocked down and walnuts were put in their place. I took it as a warning, the squirrels totally were coming to get me. I've stayed clear of squirrels ever since their warning to me but I always watch my back when I'm in the front yard, you know because those little guys carry knives like Griffin found out one night.

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