Friday, December 28, 2012

Furry Fridays: Words, Words, Words...

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today we are featuring Barbara and her owners! Thanks for being a part of Furry Fridays Barbara!

Charlie sleep
Pod looks up
Pepper scratch
Posky grey

I'm a UK based photographer and cat slave -  I've been owned by cats for about 25 years.  

Currently we have three; there's Charlie (black and white, age about 14), who is a bit of a criminal genius and general nutter.  He came to us when his family moved to Australia - whether this had anything to do with living with Charlie or not is unknown at this time.  He became an insulin-dependent diabetic in July, but thankfully is now in remission (I had no idea that 60-70% of insulin dependent cats go into remission from it).  When he was on insulin he took his twice daily injections without a murmur, which is quite amazing for him!  We take a glucose reading from him every now and then to make sure his blood sugar levels are still ok - he doesn't like this, well would you like being jabbed in the paw with a needle?, but tolerates it in return for tuna or a slice of ham.

Then we have Mrs Pod (tabby).  She's a deaf but very talkative 17 year old who came to us originally from the RSPCA back in 1997. She's very friendly and cuddly, has a tablet once a day for hyperthyroidism and is a martyr to ear infections.  When she goes to the vets she scares the living daylights out of them; once she stomped off into the corner of the surgery and screamed at the corner of the room until we gave in and let her go back in her cat carrier, and once the vet had to actually lie on her to get her to calm down.

Finally there's Pepper (naughty tortie).  She's the only cat we've had from kitten-hood. She's feisty 13 year old, full of fun, loveable, very clever, and is also a Buddhist, spending hours in meditation next to the Buddha in the garden.

And a quick mention for my beautiful grey boy Posky who passed away in November.  He was the oldest member of our crew, almost 19 when he died of CRF, and the friendliest, funniest most awesome cat ever.  He too was from the RSPCA and we had him with us for about 17 years.  We miss him a lot.

Needless to say my cats are fabulous sources of inspiration for my photography, and are all very willing models, Pepper in particular goes into Victoria Beckham posing mode when she sees the camera.

The one thing I would advise pet owners to do (apart from adopting animals from a shelter and not a breeder) is to take out insurance - vet bills are so high now and it's been great knowing ours could have the best treatment that they needed without us worrying about the costs.

Barbara blogs at  Words, Words, Words... // Facebook

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from B is for Becky!

xmas3 xmas2

A Christmas card to you from me. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and Santa brings you all that you wished for!
XOXO- Becky

Friday, December 21, 2012

Furry Fridays: A Peony for Your Thoughts

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today the blogger Kate behind A Peony for Your Thoughts is here to share all about her fur love Henry! Thanks for joining us Kate!
Intro PicHenry Puppy PicHen Pic 3Hen Pic 5Hen & I pic

Hello friends!  I’m Kate from A Peony for Your Thoughts.  I was excited when Becky asked me to be a part of Furry Fridays because if there’s anything I love to do its talk to anyone and everyone who will listen about our giant Bloodhound puppy.   I blog about my life as a newlywed, our new house, a little bit of fashion and if I’m being honest a LOT about Henry. 
Everyone always asks my husband and I why we got a bloodhound – since we aren’t hunters and don’t plan on using him for search and rescue.  We don’t really have a good answer besides I’m a sucker for hound dogs (we had a beagle growing up, and my parents have a treeing walker coonhound) and I mean seriously, how can you not love this wrinkly face?
Henry is totally our first “child”, we spoil him rotten and we’re a little obsessed with him.  It’s been a bit of an adjustment welcoming a giant slobbery dog into our new house (especially since the previous owners chose BEIGE carpet for the entire house), but we love him so much.  We got him from a breeder as a 9 week old puppy at 16lbs; since then he’s steadily gained about 5lbs a week.  He’s currently a whopping 87lbs at 7 months and growing.  He’ll top out between 100-140lbs.  We currently have him enrolled in PetSmart training, which has been great.  We figured he’d better have good manners or he’ll be walking us at that size!   It’s going okay so far, hounds are definitely easily distracted but he’s getting there.
Oh, and I was totally charting his growth like a mommy blogger for a while there (crazy or ironic? you decide).  Lately it seems like his growth has slowed a little, so maybe he won’t reach the full max weight for his breed.  We also constantly make up crazy songs about Hen, “who’s that hound?  It’s HEN!  (to the tune of the New Girl  theme song).  And he has a million nicknames; hen, hennanator, henny penny, the littlest hen.  I also just realized the other day that we accidentally named him after Jenna Bush Hager’s husband, Henry Hager.  Oops?  In my family we always gave our pets middle names, so Henry has not escaped that tradition; he goes by Henry Halifax Hager. 
We’re living in a world of baby gates right now, since Henry can’t be left alone without some sort of destruction occurring.  And also we have a cat that is not so sure about him.  She’s pretty brave from behind the gate, and will run up and bat him in the face.  He thinks this is just the greatest and hops around like a maniac while wagging his tail.  I have high hopes that they’ll be great friends one day, fingers crossed.  We’ve had great luck with crate training.  Henry loves his crate and goes in there on his own to sleep or if he gets spooked by something (vacuum, etc).  Hopefully one day, once puppy hood has come and gone, we can just get him a bed in the corner.  For now the crate has really worked great for us.
You can find more pics and stories about Henry over here on my blog.  Thanks Becky and Steph for having me! 

Kate blogs at A Peony for Your Thoughts // Tweets // Pins

Outfit details: Shirt: F21 // Leggings: American Apparel // Boots: DSW // Bag: rouge & whimsy
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Hidden Surprise

I love my little house. It has it's little quirks and lack of closet space but I'm okay with it. What I hate is the kitchen. I hate the kitchen so much I would move just so I don't have to deal with it. Dude, kitchens are expensive to remodel and all the decisions that need to be made about it like what kind of cabinets, what color of cabinets, what type of counter top, do you want your refrigerator big enough to hold a month's worth of beer. So many questions that need answered.

Then there is a little issue of the floor. A third of our house can be a toasty 75 degrees with our fireplace kickin' and the kitchen is freezing. The kitchen floor can be so cold in the mornings that it hurts your feet. Something is not right here. So, now that the husband has free time on his hands he wanted to get to the root of the cold kitchen problem and insulate the floor. While trying to do this he ran into something fishy. To truly get to the problem Jonathan decided to rip up our kitchen floor to discover what was causing the chilliness in the kitchen.

Floor1 Floor2 Floor3 Floor4 We found a cistern under the floor. Cisterns collected rain water back in the day for household use. Since our home was the first little house built on farm land back in the 1930s I guess this was a logical thing to find? Most cisterns where located under porches not kitchens, but our is surely there with metal doors with handles covered by pine flooring that was THEN covered with plywood and crappy vinyl flooring. Now we have found the problem to the always cold floors in the kitchen, the nice little well like place under the house, we can properly insulate and hopefully more efficiently heat the house. But now my kitchen floor is ripped up and we have opened up a whole new world of problems.

One of the many joys of home ownership, hidden surprises through out the house. Plus, my kitchen drama to be continued....

Monday, December 17, 2012

The B Turns 2!

B is for Becky turns 2 years old today people! It doesn't seem like I've been at this for that long, but it has been a fun two years. I started and continue to blog to add creativity into my life and challenge myself on many levels. Blogging sends me on adventures, it explores my wardrobe, it makes me think creatively and it has introduced me to like minded people across the country, no wait the world! I am so thankful to all my fans, followers and readers out there. You guys rock and please leave me a comment so I can get to know all of you better.

Now for some memorable moments and posts from the last year plus an update on my stats! 

B is for Becky was redesigned this year by the talented xoSarah.
Recently started co-hosting Furry Fridays which has become such a fun series of bloggers and their pets.
B is for Becky has 155 followers through GFC, readers and Bloglovin.
I have taken 1,786 pictures this year.
Total page views this year has been 15,828.
Most viewed post is Crochet Basket Pattern with 1,469 page views. 
I have 126 Pinterest followers. Find me here!

Once again thanks for being a reader here and cheers to another year!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Furry Fridays: A Day in the Life of Me

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today we are featuring Kristen from A Day in the Life of Me and her fur loves! Thanks for being a part of Furry Fridays Kristen!


Hi, I'm Kristen from A Day in the Life of Me!  I started my blog to share my life on the daily and the people I share it with.  You can find fun dates with my long time boyfriend, family parties, and life with two cuties named Bella and Lucie.  They're better known as Boo Boo and Moosie.


Bella and Lucie came to our family from an organization that helps find homes for unwanted puppies.  We first found Bella and her sister Alli.  We went to the organization for just one and found we couldn't resist the cute face of her sister and ended up coming home with them both.  Unfortunately, Alli was very sick and passed away within a week.  The organization asked if we'd be willing to take another puppy that needed a home free of charge.  We couldn't say no.  So, along came Lucie. 


Now, Bella ran the house for a few months before Lucie came home.  She wasn't the happiest dog when a new friend entered her home.  But it wasn't long that Lucie grew on Bella and now they are inseparable.  Bella still gives those growls to remind Lucie who runs the house, but Lucie can sure hold her own.  It's quite the love/hate relationship they have.  We couldn't be happier to have found two fun, loving, little snuggle puppies!!  They can reck some havoc in our home, but they sure know how to warm your heart!


Thanks Steph and Becky for featuring my dogs and I!


Do you love your pet and want to be featured on Furry Fridays? Send your story of pet love, up to 5 pictures, tip about choosing a pet, how to rescue an animal or pet care tip and a link to your website/blog/etsy/twitter/facebook/etc.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Winter Blues Rescue: Moving

mentioned before how I'm down in the dumps lately. I was willing to let my little mood get the best of me. I had given in. Every night I would come home and change into bum clothes, wrap a blanket around myself and become a slug for the rest of the evening. I spent count less hours the end of this year sitting on my couch watching Big Bang Theory reruns. For real. A couple things slapped me into reality recently. My husband's friend said to me that all he ever saw me do is sit on the couch watching TV and then I stepped on the scale to see a number that was not welcome. I was being classified as a lazy bum which is not the person I see myself as. I'm adventurous. I hike mountains, I thrash down them on my snowboard, I climb walls, I travel thousands of miles with my mini camper, I blog, I put myself out here for all the world to see. I don't just sit for hours, but that's exactly what I was doing. I had to get myself out of this funk.

On my first Winter Blues Rescue post Kate commented that exercise helps her with kicking the winter blues. Motivation is the hard part here but I finally had a little after being called a couch potato. Jonathan and I went to the climbing gym after months of being away. I forgot how much fun climbing can be. Moving, being active, that is a good remedy to kicking my funk to the curb. I'm glad to be coming out of my bad mood and to be moving again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The great cookie bake of 2013

This weekend was the 3rd annual great cookie bake!! See 2012s cookie bake here! Two good friends and myself cram our Christmas cookie baking into one afternoon of fun and sugar highs. With three people we get a good mix of cookie varieties and we can mix, "ball", and man the oven very efficiently! With three years of extreme cookie baking under my belt I have some good tips for you to remember during your baking adventures.

- Don't forget the parchment paper! We made this mistake and some cookies want to stick with out that handy tool.
- Don't go cheap with the butter! One year we bought some cheap ass butter and it won't blend to our standards. Hate that.
- Set your butter out the night before your baking day. Most recipes call for room temperate butter and heating your butter up can make it too soft for your recipes.
- Make sure you check your recipes and have all your ingredients in house so you don't have to make an emergency grocery run! It's like that saying measure twice cut once, check your ingredients twice and make only one grocery run!
- Wear an apron. They're cute.
- Have plenty of mixing bowls. Some cookie doughs need to chill in the fridge before hittin' the oven so don't get behind by being short on bowls!
- Hand mixers. They are a life saver.
- Good storage containers or plenty of large baggies. Where do you plan on putting all these little yummies??
- Don't over bake. If the cookies are golden brown on the bottom they are done. I was asked how my cookies are all so soft and the simple key is to not over bake. Sorry no magic there.
- Lastly, cookies freeze well! We bake early before the craziness of the holiday season and freeze our cookies for closer to Christmas. Trust me. You can pull the cookies out the night before your party and they taste just as delicious as the day after baking. Sadly, no cookie tastes as good as when you JUST pull it out of the oven!

Our 2013 varieties are as follows (links to the recipe if available):
1. Ambrosia Macaroon // 2. Snickerdoodle // 3. Lemon Crinkle Cookies // 4. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip // 5. Peanut Butter Blossoms // 6. Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Swirl // 7. Raspberry Thumbprint // 8. Orange Creamsicle // 9. Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles

Happy baking!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

PA Love: Tiny World!

Jonathan and I were kinda bored Saturday night so we took a drive to a little place we heard about called Tiny World. This family has built tiny little houses all over their property and they are decorated for Christmas. It's private property but they welcome visitors to tour though the little village for free. Totally random but I do love miniature things so we took the trip. A crazy thing was all these little buildings were fully furnished!
Much love to Tiny World.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Furry Fridays: The Curious Pug


Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today we are very excited to bring you Alycia of The Curious Pug and her super cute pups! Thanks Alycia!

Alycia alycia2 mabel monty puppers

Hello there! 
I'm Alycia from The Curious Pug and I am so excited that Becky asked me to be a part of Furry Fridays! I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and our two dogs. My blog was named after my first dog Cyrus the pug who sadly passed away 2 years ago, but by then I was attached to my blog name so it stuck! 

Our two dogs are Monty and Mabel. We got Monty from a rescue organization shortly after Cyrus passed away to help with the hole left in our hearts and also to fill in some of the complete and utter silence! I never thought I'd be one to get another dog so soon after loosing one but he has helped tremendously in our healing and he needed us as much as we needed him. Monty is a 3 year old chihuahua/terrier mix, though we are unsure which terrier exactly. He likes to keep us guessing. He is an extremely fast runner (I seriously can't emphasize this enough!) and is very polite with humans always asking for permission before sitting on your lap. He does, however, have leash reactiveness outside which I'm assuming is his leftover baggage from wherever it was he came from. But we are working on it everyday. And he loves his sister Mabel!

Mabel is a boston terrier that we got from a breeder. She turned 1 in November and learned all the ways of the doggie world from Monty (IE: tug of war, play fighting, and begging to name a few!). She is obsessed with playing fetch and is quite good at catching a ball or popcorn in her mouth. I always wanted to have two dogs so they could keep each other company and be lifelong companions. And two dogs is seriously better than one. I don't feel guilty if I'm too busy or lazy to take them to the park or on some outing because they are always playing together anyway. I can honestly say the entire time Mabel was a young puppy, she never ever chewed on anything of ours because she was always occupied with Monty and chewing on him or his toys. Anytime someone asks me what it's like to have two dogs, I always say it's awesome and they are great at entertaining each other so there is less boredom which can lead to bad behavior. Yeah, two dogs is twice the hair and vet bills, but it's also twice the love, snuggles and fun too! 

I have to admit I was a bit nervous introducing the two of them since I wasn't sure if Monty would be accepting of her. But I was completely wrong. They love each other so much it's ridiculously cute. We made sure to introduce the two of them on neutral territory and in a fenced in area so Monty wouldn't have to be on a leash. We went to a kids playground at night when no one was around and the two of them just sniffed each other and carried on with smelling the playground. I was so relieved and happy! 

Alycia blogs at The Curious Pug // Tweets // Pins // Ravelry // Reads
Also visit her shops: For pets Happy Sprout Pets and for people Crochetlings

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My manly housewife

So my husband is on temporary lay off from his job. Kinda the worst holiday gift ever but we will get by. However much this unemployment status sucks for our bank account it is great for my home life. I now have a housewife er husband working away at home while I'm at work! I finally got my office painted, a book shelf built, and random shit sold away on Craigslist. One day I came home and the dishes were all put away and the kitchen was all fancy clean. Amazing!!! As this unemployment lasts my "honey do" list grows longer and longer each day. I think "now he has the time on his hands he could build me..... a new bed, fix the stair treads, remodel the kitchen... etc". The unemployment won't last forever and my list could never fully be completed, but we are making the most of it while it lasts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The winter blues rescue: A happy little collection

art2 art1

I'm kinda dealing with the winter blues over here. It's dark when I leave for work, it's dark when I get home from work. I now have to bundle up and wear tights with all my cute skirts. It's making me grouchy and home girl does not like that!

So, here is a little collection of mine that always makes me smile and kicks my blues (winter blues that is) away. These small little paintings fall in with my love of all things miniature. I just love how the painting wraps around the canvas and the little details of my largest original, like paper cut outs used for the leaves and fabric used for the clouds. I first found the PA local artist Lisa Arkus at Harrisburg's riverfront ArtsFest a few years ago and I bought only a print. Hey I was fresh outta college and super frugal! The next year I bought the little bird painting and when I went back the following year she was not there! Majorly bummed. I looked for her every year since and luckily I rediscovered her when I went to the Mt Gretna Arts weekend this year. I finally bought the large original I wanted for all these years.

What items or activity help you beat these nasty winter blues? 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Furry Fridays: Of Corgis & Cocktails

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Give a big furry welcome to Katherine from Of Corgis & Cocktails! Thanks for joining in on the fun Katherine!!

me and my corgi

My corgi mix Teemo and I were meant to be together. I called a local humane society  to try and adopt him on Valentine's Day, but he was in the process of being adopted. When I called back a bit later, what I believed to be my dream pup was adopted and gone. But no! The next day I noticed him still up on Petfinder, despite other dogs being taken down over the night, and called again. He had been returned! We rushed to the humane society with our other pup and fell in complete love. Most of us anyway. I'm still not sure Raynor, our basset mix, is always so enthralled by sharing the attention.

teemo & me

Teemo may love me a bit too much. He follows me everywhere and stays within a certain radius of me at the dog park. Only thing he loves more is food. He really, really loves food. He may have gained 5 pounds over the past year as the two of us living alone for a year means he shares a lot of my meals. Oops! His best feature - by the way - is his oh-so-charming overbite. He's not 100% corgi - he's a mutt - so he's a little different. We joke that he is a corgi, fox, ferret, and terrier mix. He also has a lot of bow ties, ties, and jackets to dress up in. He's a fairly ridiculous dog.

Rocks a Lot of Polka Dots

I have another pup too. She's our baby princess and our first dog. Raynor is just now turning 4 years old and definitely a girl after my own heart. Raynor and I are both playful, hyperactive freaks who hate when you wake us up from sleep. She's the strongest dog I have ever met and knocked down a 350 pound fountain in my in-laws' yard once. She has been in Florida keeping my husband company while he went to grad school over the past year, and I am excited to have her back with me now.

You can see a lot more of these two pop up on my blog at Of Corgis & Cocktails.

Katherine blogs at Of Corgis & Cocktails // Tweets // Facebook // Bloglovin

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