Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Music Tuesday

2012 is going to be a good year for music. The first album I was anticipating for 2012 was released today and it does not disappoint. I think everyone should check out Lana Del Rey's Born to Die. Do it now. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

MOH duties

The bride intently judging us in our dresses! Just kidding,  kind of. 

This weekend I had more important MOH business, picking out bridesmaid dresses!!!!! I've only been in one wedding other than this one so the whole process is fun for me. Plus the dresses are from JCrew which means for me I will wear it again. I actually have a dress from the same collection in my closet, so I'm happy about the selection. Anyways, I look amazing in it and I will totally steal all the attention from the bride. Well, maybe not EVERY ONE'S attention. At least Mr. Stets's attention, he's the only one that counts for me. Now I have to find shoes which is the hardest part for me. I bought and returned five different pairs of shoes for my own wedding and I'm sure this occasion will be no different. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday with the sisters

Every time I pick up dog food at the store the pups get a special snack. Don't mess with their special snacks or you will get yelled at. I got yelled at a lot when taking these pictures.

This Sunday post is in honor of our friend Cami's dog Lou who was in an accident this weekend. He seems to be making a recovery which the sisters are very happy about. Love you Lou!

Friday, January 27, 2012

My past week via Instagram

The sisters playing together

Joy's cute little furry face

Playing in the snow

 Wool socks on a snowy day/  My new co-workers

A tutu I made/ Some sparkles from work

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I hate this week. January 2012 edition

Here's some Debbie Downer business for you all. Thank you and have a nice day.

1. Pushy sales people and their extended warranties. Thanks for wasting a good hour of my life.
2. My husband traveling for work.
3. Talking on the phone via Face Time. That's crazy awkward and I have a double chin in every angle I hold the phone.
4. Joy eating a shoe. My shoes are one thing you shouldn't mess around with.
5. Gas. With my longer commute the gas mileage and gas price issue is really slapping me in the face.
6. HOMEWORK. I'm so over college I could scream.
7. The melting snow. It's presence was too short.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jonathan tells it like it is

Jonathan is secure in his man-hood to share when he thinks another man is sexy. Like he did when we encountered a Notebook advertisement on ABC Family this weekend. This is what he had to say.

"That Ryan Gosling is one sexy mother fucker."

There you have it. Jonathan has confirmed what we all believed to be true. Ryan Gosling is sexy and he is not afraid to say it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter white (and gray)

 I was shopping the other day and there was spring clothes out in the shops. Really? I was at the store on Thursday and Saturday I had snow. This should be no surprise to me because I worked retail but for some reason seeing all the bright yellows and peaches pissed me off. Subconsciously to rebel from the retailers pushing spring's colors in my face in January I came home with all whites and grays. Like a person needs more gray in their wardrobe. I was actually thinking the other day I needed more color to spice up my closet. Man oh, man. I messed up.

What I'm wearing:
Sweater - Gap
Necklace - JCrew Outlet
Skirt - JCrew Outlet
Tights - Target
Boots - Sperry via Limewire

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday wth the sisters

It snowed!! First snow fall of 2012 and we were very excited about it. There is something about the first snow fall of the year to make you want to roll around in it and take a ton of pictures. Pearl and Joy did most of the 'rolling around' in the snow.

This week has been an interesting week. I started my new job and I've been adjusting to a longer commute (30-45 minutes a day longer), waking up earlier (a whole hour) and Joy. Starting last weekend Joy got sick, so we've been up 3 or 4 times a night letting her outside. She needed multiple baths and vet appointments. Poor girl. It wasn't fun for anyone. We made it through the week and she is  on some meds and seems to be doing fine. Thankfully because the man of the house will be traveling for work next week and I can't deal with all the dog poop by myself!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MOH duties

So being the President of a wedding can be hard work. I have parties and showers to throw, I have to give out advice and maybe talk a bride off a ledge. Well, thankfully one duty was completed last weekend. I helped the bride find the dress. It wasn't as complicated as I thought it was going to be but the sales people were WAY bitchier than I thought they would be. Weddings are a big deal and the dress to 99% of brides is a major deal so I didn't understand the sales ladies giving my friend crap. So what you have a fashion design degree, my friend doesn't so she may not know the difference between an aline skirt and a fit and flair skirt. Just rude.

Anyways, I'm not going to share the final selection just yet but don't worry you will see the wedding pictures come August. Next duty is bridesmaid dress shopping!

Monday, January 16, 2012

28 degrees on Friday at Blue Mountain

Holy moly, Friday was super cold! Since I'm switching jobs I won't be able to take a snow-cation this winter, so Jonathan and I made a quick trip out of town to a larger mountain on Friday. Blue Mountain is part of the Poconos in PA and boasts 39 trails compared to the 11 our local hills have. It was fun to have a day off and hang out with my man but it was so cold. There was a wind that just cut through you. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We left before it got dark because we couldn't hang with the wind anymore. 

Can we talk about the bottom picture, a bra tree! So I want to know, do these ladies take off their bras there or do you think they bring an extra? I wear so many layers when I'm out I couldn't even imagine getting down to my bottom layer on a lift ride. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday with the Sisters

Inspired by Kelsey's Mondays with Angie I thought I would reserve my dog crazy posts for the weekends and start Saturday or Sunday with the sisters. I may be biased but Pearl and Joy might be the cutest things alive. Pearl is the 'cute only a mother could love' cute but Joy is the 'stop traffic because everyone wants to pet her' kid of cute. Now you get to enjoy this level of cuteness once a weekend, or twice maybe.

Friday, January 13, 2012

My day job

I never talk about my day job here because, well, it's super lame. I work as an assistant or 'coordinator'  as they call it to the purchasing department for a manufacturer. What do they manufacture you may ask? They make tools. Tools! What have I been doing with my life?!?!? Yesterday was my last day of work, today technically was the last day but I didn't show. Four years of my life has been spent working with tools and at first I didn't mind. I thought I would make a decent living doing whatever during the day and I would have my nights and weekends to do things I loved like sewing and crafting. That didn't happen. I started back to college to get my bachelors degree to go farther in my career and now I have no time for anything. I barely have time to wash my clothes. I was ready for a change and to add more creativity in my life. I have this space but I still what more.

A month and a half ago I looked out there it see what opportunities were available. I found my job. Next week I will be starting as a Patternmaker for a company that manufactures dance costumes. I couldn't be more excited. I'm returning to what I love, creativity and fashion. I'll let you know how it goes along the way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miniature Life

When I sent a picture of Joy to one of my good friends she responded with "She would make a great addition to your miniature family." My husband and I aren't miniature people or anything. I'd say we are average size and build, but we may have a thing for little things. The American way is huge houses and big trucks but we are the opposite and lately everyone has been pointing it out to us. My father-in-law called to ask if we wanted to buy a little convertible off of him because "well you know, you like small things". Hmmm.

Dogs - After having a small dog I would never have a large dog again. They take up less bed space, they eat less and their poop is smaller too! You can pick them up and put them were you want to instead of wrestling a dog that weighs almost as much as you.
Houses - Our last house was a row home under 1,000 sqft and we upgraded to a cape cod that is 1,300 sqft. I think that is a reasonable sized home but it is very small when you look at the average square footage of American homes. Also, our current home has a baby stair case. There is a normal number of stairs but each stair tread is about half the size. It's funny because most people fail down our stairs because their not used to baby steps.
Camper - When shopping for a camper we wanted to keep it under 15ft long. Most campers are 24, 36 or even over 40 feet long! That's our camper tripled. I think our mini camper is the perfect sized but tons of people have told us they could never function is a space that small.
Vehicles - Up until a few weeks ago my husband's vehicle would fit into the mini category. He had a little S-10 pick up truck that again wasn't small to us but compared to truck standards was tiny. I guess you could throw in our two scooters that have passed though our lives also.

I guess now after looking at the facts there is no denying that we are attracted to miniature things.

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's finally winter!!

It hasn't snowed yet in Central PA, but it was finally cold enough last week to get the snowmakers running. The local mountains opened and we went snowboarding for the first time this season! Friday night Jonathan and I went by ourselves for a date night on the slopes and Saturday night we met up with my sister in law Jenn, nephew Thomas and cousin Daniel. Oh how I've missed snowboarding all year.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Jonathan on his Pet Peeves

"These are my pet peeves. First is when people call me 'Guy'. Second is poorly trimmed trees. Third is regular sized toilets. I only like chair height elongated seat toilets. The regular ones are only made for midgets."

There you have it, if you want to piss off Jonathan call him Guy, never trim your trees and make him pee in a regular sized toilet. Friendship will be ended.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Furry Friends



Growing up I always had dogs. When I say always I mean always. At one point when I was young we had five collies at one time. Do you understand how much fur that is? I couldn't imagine a life without something furry around and that's why living in apartments in and right out of college killed me. Jonathan grew up on a farm and had livestock but never any pets. One time his dad brought home a puppy which the siblings named Puppy. It disappeared shortly after it's arrival but it made a lasting impression on the family because they still talk about Puppy to this day. So you have a girl who wants a thousand dogs and a boy who doesn't really care about dogs, we meet and fall in love.

When we bought our first house I was all about getting a dog. We had a yard with a fence and I had lots of love to give, I had no questions in my mind. Jonathan on the other hand wasn't all about a dog, he had size restrictions and costs restrictions. In other words the dog had to be small and cheap. Months went by and I wasn't pressuring about a dog, I wasn't even looking for one when it happened. I was at work one day when my co-worker's husband called her up asking if he could bring home a dog and she said no. Once she hung up she shared the story about a little dog that belonged to her husband's co-worker's daughter, she was going through a divorce and was going to take the dog to a shelter the next day if she couldn't find it a home today. I immediately called Jonathan at work to tell him I found the perfect dog that fit his description, he was small and free. That night on my dinner break we went to meet Griffin and on the way home Jonathan came to the realization that we could scrape up a dog on the side of the road and I would love it unconditionally. We brought Griffin home the next day.

Now when I found Pearl I don't really think I was looking for a dog. I often look at the local rescue dogs on Petfinder.com for some cuteness. I saw the pictures of an awkward looking white dog and I thought she was the cutest ever. Jonathan was easily convinced of Griffin's need for a play mate and I filled out the adoption application. Pearl came for a visit to our house and Griffin hated her instantly but Pearl and I loved each other so she came to live with us. Griffin hated lots of things like fun, his ears being touched and people in hats. He loved us, my mom, sleeping under blankets and my friend Heather. He was grouchy like an old man. Jonathan will pretend that these little fur monsters don't have them wrapped around his finger, they do.

Our little Griffin passed away this summer and it was very hard on the family. Since then I would bring up getting another dog but we thought it may be too soon. The rescue that we got Pearl from sent out an email at Christmas time about the dogs in their foster care system that have had some very sad stories. While I was close to tears I clicked over to Petfinder to look at the pups that were available from the rescue, then I looked at all the dogs in the area and that's when I saw her face. Joy had the saddest eyes and the biggest ears, I wanted to meet her and kiss her and take her home with me. Jonathan wasn't very happy about the idea of a second dog, again. He liked only having one dog to worry about and he didn't want to train a second dog. I think once he saw her face he changed his mind. The Tuesday after Christmas we went to meet Joy and Joy came home with us that night. Now we are trying to adjust to having a two dog household again, Pearl is adjusting to having to share all the attention again and Joy is adjusting to having us as a family. But really doesn't she have the cutest face in the whole world?!?!

After we rescued Griffin from a sad life in the pound. What would have happened to him there? Would he have been adopted? Lots of places put dogs down and what if that would have happened to him? I can't even think about it. So after that I really could never go out and buy a puppy. I know puppies need homes too, but after seeing and hearing about dogs that are just ditched along side of the road I only can imagine bringing America's discarded dogs homes. Joy's story was that she was found outside a dog shelter. Her family didn't even have the decency to take her there during business hours. So sad. Pearl was given to her rescue when she was 6 months old for unknown reasons. So that is why I will be there to bring some of the discarded dogs home. It's just my thing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Dreaming

I do this thing that I call making dreams come true. I can't count all the dreams that I have granted but it's a lot. We've granted my mother in law's dream of visiting Falling Waters and I've taken my one niece to the Big Apple for example. Dreams do come true people. On New Year's Day we all meet at Jonathan's mom's house for dinner and discuss our dream list for the upcoming year. 2012 is going to be a big year, so many things are happening I can't even believe it! Lucky for you I'll bring you along for the ride.

Becky's 2012 Dream List
1. Hand make at least one thing every month.
2. Read 52 books. One a week, eek!
3. Camp half way across the country.
4. Be the MOH in my friend Cami's wedding.
5. Throw a kick ass Bridal Shower and Bachlorette party.
6. Five year anniversary photo shoot.
7. BIG 30th birthday party for Jono!
8. Graduate college.
9. Start a new job.
10. Host a craft club.
11. Explore more of Pennsylvania.
12. Get a tattoo.