Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Furry Friends



Growing up I always had dogs. When I say always I mean always. At one point when I was young we had five collies at one time. Do you understand how much fur that is? I couldn't imagine a life without something furry around and that's why living in apartments in and right out of college killed me. Jonathan grew up on a farm and had livestock but never any pets. One time his dad brought home a puppy which the siblings named Puppy. It disappeared shortly after it's arrival but it made a lasting impression on the family because they still talk about Puppy to this day. So you have a girl who wants a thousand dogs and a boy who doesn't really care about dogs, we meet and fall in love.

When we bought our first house I was all about getting a dog. We had a yard with a fence and I had lots of love to give, I had no questions in my mind. Jonathan on the other hand wasn't all about a dog, he had size restrictions and costs restrictions. In other words the dog had to be small and cheap. Months went by and I wasn't pressuring about a dog, I wasn't even looking for one when it happened. I was at work one day when my co-worker's husband called her up asking if he could bring home a dog and she said no. Once she hung up she shared the story about a little dog that belonged to her husband's co-worker's daughter, she was going through a divorce and was going to take the dog to a shelter the next day if she couldn't find it a home today. I immediately called Jonathan at work to tell him I found the perfect dog that fit his description, he was small and free. That night on my dinner break we went to meet Griffin and on the way home Jonathan came to the realization that we could scrape up a dog on the side of the road and I would love it unconditionally. We brought Griffin home the next day.

Now when I found Pearl I don't really think I was looking for a dog. I often look at the local rescue dogs on for some cuteness. I saw the pictures of an awkward looking white dog and I thought she was the cutest ever. Jonathan was easily convinced of Griffin's need for a play mate and I filled out the adoption application. Pearl came for a visit to our house and Griffin hated her instantly but Pearl and I loved each other so she came to live with us. Griffin hated lots of things like fun, his ears being touched and people in hats. He loved us, my mom, sleeping under blankets and my friend Heather. He was grouchy like an old man. Jonathan will pretend that these little fur monsters don't have them wrapped around his finger, they do.

Our little Griffin passed away this summer and it was very hard on the family. Since then I would bring up getting another dog but we thought it may be too soon. The rescue that we got Pearl from sent out an email at Christmas time about the dogs in their foster care system that have had some very sad stories. While I was close to tears I clicked over to Petfinder to look at the pups that were available from the rescue, then I looked at all the dogs in the area and that's when I saw her face. Joy had the saddest eyes and the biggest ears, I wanted to meet her and kiss her and take her home with me. Jonathan wasn't very happy about the idea of a second dog, again. He liked only having one dog to worry about and he didn't want to train a second dog. I think once he saw her face he changed his mind. The Tuesday after Christmas we went to meet Joy and Joy came home with us that night. Now we are trying to adjust to having a two dog household again, Pearl is adjusting to having to share all the attention again and Joy is adjusting to having us as a family. But really doesn't she have the cutest face in the whole world?!?!

After we rescued Griffin from a sad life in the pound. What would have happened to him there? Would he have been adopted? Lots of places put dogs down and what if that would have happened to him? I can't even think about it. So after that I really could never go out and buy a puppy. I know puppies need homes too, but after seeing and hearing about dogs that are just ditched along side of the road I only can imagine bringing America's discarded dogs homes. Joy's story was that she was found outside a dog shelter. Her family didn't even have the decency to take her there during business hours. So sad. Pearl was given to her rescue when she was 6 months old for unknown reasons. So that is why I will be there to bring some of the discarded dogs home. It's just my thing.

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