Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miniature Life

When I sent a picture of Joy to one of my good friends she responded with "She would make a great addition to your miniature family." My husband and I aren't miniature people or anything. I'd say we are average size and build, but we may have a thing for little things. The American way is huge houses and big trucks but we are the opposite and lately everyone has been pointing it out to us. My father-in-law called to ask if we wanted to buy a little convertible off of him because "well you know, you like small things". Hmmm.

Dogs - After having a small dog I would never have a large dog again. They take up less bed space, they eat less and their poop is smaller too! You can pick them up and put them were you want to instead of wrestling a dog that weighs almost as much as you.
Houses - Our last house was a row home under 1,000 sqft and we upgraded to a cape cod that is 1,300 sqft. I think that is a reasonable sized home but it is very small when you look at the average square footage of American homes. Also, our current home has a baby stair case. There is a normal number of stairs but each stair tread is about half the size. It's funny because most people fail down our stairs because their not used to baby steps.
Camper - When shopping for a camper we wanted to keep it under 15ft long. Most campers are 24, 36 or even over 40 feet long! That's our camper tripled. I think our mini camper is the perfect sized but tons of people have told us they could never function is a space that small.
Vehicles - Up until a few weeks ago my husband's vehicle would fit into the mini category. He had a little S-10 pick up truck that again wasn't small to us but compared to truck standards was tiny. I guess you could throw in our two scooters that have passed though our lives also.

I guess now after looking at the facts there is no denying that we are attracted to miniature things.

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