Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday with the sisters

Every time I pick up dog food at the store the pups get a special snack. Don't mess with their special snacks or you will get yelled at. I got yelled at a lot when taking these pictures.

This Sunday post is in honor of our friend Cami's dog Lou who was in an accident this weekend. He seems to be making a recovery which the sisters are very happy about. Love you Lou!


  1. Lou loves his cousins and Aunt Becky! xoxo

  2. So I found something at an antique store that made me think of you and I was telling my husband and he's like..."And you don't really know this person?" Non-bloggers can't understand I guess. Anyway. They cost me $2 and I certainly don't want them so I need to send them to you. I hope this isn't creepy because I realize it may sound creepy. Anyway... let me know how I can do so :)