Thursday, February 16, 2012

Car shopping and impulse buying

Not that I need a new car, but I said once the Jetta hit 100k I would start shopping around. I drove 2,000 miles in a two week period so I think I should get something that is super in gas mileage. We have another problem with that though, I'm cheap. I like to call myself a "recessionista". I'm making my money last through this rough economy. So, it means USED car shopping. New car shopping is easy, but used anything means searching and driving to multiple locations only to discover that the car is an automatic. So I'm doing this during my evenings and getting over it fast. I've noticed that since I'm in the car buying process and it's taking forever, I'm quick to make other impulse purchases. Like I was at the Apple store and they basically told me it would be a pain to update my old Mac mini so I called my husband and told him we were the new owners of a new mac. I would have killed him if he did that, but I felt like I needed to seal the deal on something! If I don't find a car soon I may start to make more impulse purchases. Like these Jeffrey Campbell beauties are calling my name....

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