Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Music Tuesday

Dr. Dog at Electric Factory Feb 2011

When I said it was going to be a good year for music I wasn't lying. Today my favorite band Dr. Dog released their latest album 'Be the Void'. Buy it now people.

When I was in high school we would be 'ultimate fans' of bands. To accomplish the ultimate fan status you had to see the band three times. I was an ultimate fan of Thursday, Mellincolin, AFI and I think NOFX. Are any of those bands even around anymore? Man, I was such a puck rock princess in the day. Anyways, in my adult life I'm an ultimate fan of Dr. Dog. I think it's that fact that my husband and I aren't into all the same music, but Dr. Dog is one of the only bands we both like so I can get him to the concerts. Let's face it Jonathan's not going to a Feist or Lady Gaga concert and going to concerts alone is lame.

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