Monday, February 13, 2012


My longest friendship started in the 2nd grade. Amanda and I loved Nickelodeon, Nintendo, ice cream, My So-Called Life, making up songs and roller skating. We had a continuous Monopoly game set up in her Grandparents sun room and we would take brakes from playing to have ice cream and a round of Rummy with Pop Pop. We would walk to and home from school together and have sleep overs on the regular. We got into trouble with the parental units but we always had fun. Once high school hit we hung out less frequently but we would always chill in art class. After high school we lost contact for a couple years until I walked into a Starbucks she was working at while she was home from college. We hung out that night and we've been tight ever since. Unfortunately Amanda followed her heart to Oregon so I don't get to see her very often but she was home this weekend so it was a happy day. She also is following her heart back to Pennsylvania so we will SOON be living in the same state again. I'm thrilled with this news. So you may be seeing her face here more starting in the summer!!

Just found this picture. BFF4EVA. 9th grade band trip 1999

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  1. You my guuurl! So glad I'm back. I missed you. We gots lots of catching up to do, mam. Love your guts!