Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The worst day of my life

Stratton, VT 2008 (not the worst day of my life) 

Its snowboarding season, my favorite time of the year. Every time I think about planning a local boarding trip I think about the worst day of my life, like ever. I don’t really think I’m exaggerating.

(Warning names may have been changed due to those people being dead to women in the story)

So it was my friend Missy's birthday and she wanted to go skiing. Maybe it wasn’t her idea so much as her man’s idea, I’ll call him Florida for this story. So Florida grew up in Connecticut and wanted to go snowboarding, he was visiting her (from Florida) for her birthday so the trip was planned. We only wanted to go on a day trip so we had to stay in PA. We decided to go to Seven Springs in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Along with Missy, Florida, Jonathan and I, my friend Cami and her man E came along. Missy and Florida drove together, Cami and I drove together and Jonathan got stuck riding with E. On the way there we were trusting E’s GPS. Fifteen minutes once we got off the highway we knew that was a mistake because we had made multiple U-turns. We finally find a sign for Seven Springs but I knew it was wrong. I had been to Vermont before and roads of all the resorts were clean, even during a snow storm the resort had the roads perfectly clear. This road we were on was not clear, it as like a blizzard had just hit. I drive a little front wheel drive car so I knew my ride was not going to make it up a snow-covered mountain. I stopped but E continued up the road. My husband must have realized we stopped so he jumped out of the car to come back to our car to talk about the situation. He explained that we needed to back down the road. I was well aware of the situation and the two cars in the rear start backing down the road. As we are doing this E attempts a three-point turn. That’s when our day took its first down turn because during that three point turn, E’s car fell off the road and into a snow pile. The road looked flush with the land around it, but that’s because there was a shit ton of snow off the side of the road and now we had a car stuck in it. Missy and I backed our car down to a level area, parked and went up to see what was up with E’s car. Jon was pushing but had no luck. Then that’s when we all discover that Jonathan was drunk. On the three-hour car ride Jonathan drank a bottle of Wild Turkey. So we had a drunk guy who was “one with nature”, a car stuck in a snow ditch, no cell service and five pissed off people. The six of us tried pulling and pushing the car out of the ditch but we had no success. Cami and I walked down to the main road to try and find a house or get cell service. We were surrounded by summer cabins with feet of untouched snow around them. No people. We were about to cry when I got a bar of service and called the police for help. It would take awhile for them to reach us and really at this point it didn’t matter, we had been out here for hours and our trip was pretty much ruined. We were headed back to the cars when an old Blazer came ripping down the mountain road. It sped up to us and the driver yelled how he was going to help us but he needed my car keys, not thinking I just threw them at him and he drove back up the mountain. Now Cami and I were concerned for my car since I just gave a stranger my keys and our friends’ safety with a weird guy in a Blazer with them. We booked it back up the mountain. Once we got there the Blazer guy did help us get E’s car out of the ditch and we were back in business. Someone let E drive the car down (bad decision) the mountain and five feet away from safety and a paved road E got his car stuck. Again. The second down turn in the day. At this point we all wanted to kill each other and some of us had a meltdown (Not me surprisingly!).  I was dealing with a drunken husband, I didn’t need to yell at E how much of a bad driver he was. We got him unstuck again and were back on out way to the resort.

We arrive around lunch, only around five hours behind schedule. We were on the mountain and the day’s earlier troubles seemed like a bad memory. The mountain was packed and the lifts were running full speed. We were tired from the all the drama and E and Cami had already split for the day. So we were going to spilt. With four of us left were in line to go back to the front of the resort and go home when for some reason I asked Jonathan if he had the car key. Then I see him check his jacket pocket, then his pants pockets and so on. Then the third disaster of the day surfaces. Jonathan lost our car key. I gave him the key to get his board from the roof rack and lock it back up. Then who knows what happened after that because well, he was probably still drunk at that point.

We pushed up to the lift to go to the front of the mountain to see if our car was even still there when I slip. Falling right at the chair is the worst. It happened enough when I was learning to board to know of the embarrassment it causes, but normally they stop the lift. Then the fourth event of the day happens. They were running the lifts full speed, paired with the fact that the kid running the lift wasn’t paying attention and I was pushed down by the lift. My right foot is strapped in and stays straight while my body is twisted and pushed down by the lift. My cry of pain alerts them to shut off the lift. I go to the top of the mountain expecting to ride down but my right knee was in pain and I had to call the medics. I ride down with the medics with Florida following. Missy goes down with Jonathan to turn in her skis and hopefully find the car keys.

Thankfully, someone turned our lost key into the resort lost and found. Jonathan came over to the medic center to pick me up and we could go home. Far far away from this place. He enters the center with an awful look on his face. Then tells me of the fifth disaster of the day. As he lowered the window to say good-bye to Missy and Florida the driver side window falls down inside the door. It’s a three-hour drive home at night in the winter and we have no driver side window. I’m not going to lie, I was in tears at this point. Amazingly the one medic guy and Jonathan somehow got the window up form inside the door panel with tongue depressors and duct tape. They duct tapes the window up and we left.

Can you understand why I say that was maybe the worst day ever?   

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  1. Re-reading this made me cry with laughter. Literally, nothing else could have gone wrong that day. NOTHING.