Monday, March 5, 2012

Craft Club!

Once upon a time I was a member of a book club. Book club was a good time with food, wine and lady friends but some found the book reading part of the club too much to handle. The last book club meeting it was decided that book club was going to morph into craft club. Friday night I hosted the first craft club meeting and it was a success. With glitter fabric scraps rescued from the trash from work, the crew created fabric flowers of all shapes and sizes. In Jonathan's "Man Cave" aka garage I turned into my crafting heaven. The "Man Cave" will never be the same again because now it is covered in glitter, sequins and hot glue.

The Crafters! 

 Sarah the flower master. Are we surprised? She makes things like this for a living.

 Let's talk about Missy for a minute. She was the anti- crafter of the group. She came only for wine but ended up successfully making multiple flowers. I'm a true craft leader for converting her!

And what night at the Stets household would be complete without some dog pictures! Joy and Pearl love Aunt Cami! Pearl shows her love with licking your face, like this action shot! Yay for craft club! Send me suggestions for our next craft event!!

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  1. I cannot get over Joy's super cute face in that pic. I knew we would be best friends forever after I snuck her treats from our collection of food!!! :-)