Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dr Dog in Concert

I've shared with you my love for Dr. Dog. Last weekend Jonathan and I took a drive to Philadelphia to see Dr. Dog in concert. The band is from Philly so they always seem to have awesomely cheap tickets for those tour dates. They rocked like usual. This is our third time seeing them live, we are big fans.

There is a little side story to this. My radio station, you know the one that plays kid music in the evenings, plays Dr. Dog since forever. WXPN is loyal to Philly local bands. So I've been jamming to them since the radio station started playing them. Then one party we went to Jonathan was talking to a randomer, which isn't unusual and the kid was like "Dude, my brother is on TV tonight." Jonathan is like that's random, why? "He's in a band called Dr. Dog." At that I was like, how do you know this person Jonathan? They went to high school together. So last year Jonathan, me and his other old high school buddy and his wife went to see the band in Philly and met up with the old high school classmate/ band member after the show. Fun. So this time we didn't want to bother the guy and just went to the show on our own. We got there super early to score the best seats (in my opinion) front and center on the balcony. Then J gets a text from yet another high school friend in the middle of the show with a picture from the side stage. Jonathan sent a picture of our sight back and we walked down to the stage area after the show so say hi to all the old high school people. I guess it would be weird to know someone from high school then see them on TV. I don't have that problem since I only met him last year but I try not to be a geeky fan. That could just be embarrassing.

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