Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is listening reading?

I have a pretty intense book goal for 2012 of 52. That's one book a week and let me tell you something. I'm failing. BIG TIME. No surprise really. I used to read over lunch and now my lunch time has been cut in half and I need to use that short time to accomplish other things like check my personal email and Pinterest account (that's super important!) because I actually work now during those 8 hours and not just fuck off on the internet. I've read 5 books which is good but not going to help me reach this ridiculous dream I made. Now I've turned to audio books. I'm in the car for a good chunk every day and I'm kinda over my music selection so I'm now listening to books. I can't read and drive but I can listen and drive. I know my goal is to "read" 52 books this year but if I "listen" to a book it's so going on my list. It's multitasking at it's finest, but to tell you the truth I feel lame and I wasn't going to tell anyone. Now that the truth is out, tell me, have you ever listened to audio books?

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  1. I think that the whole purpose of books (when reading them) is to improve your vocabulary, word comprehension and speed. If you listed in the car you still get those words into your head because they are given to you verbally. Speed, obviously, can only be improved by actually reading. If you're in it for the story and you don't mind that you read some and hear some, then who cares? I think it's OK :) BUT NO... I've never used books on tape hehe.