Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life with short hair

Having short hair can be lame, no crazy braids or ponytails on a lazy day but for me it's my thing. I just never looked go with long hair. From watching all 200 seasons of America's Next Top Model I've learned most women's biggest fear is cutting off their hair. Just the thought of a pixie cut sends girls nightmares for weeks. Not me. I lived with stringy mousy brown hair with no style until the ninth grade then I got over the long hair dream. Since then my hair has been a variety of lengths and rainbow colors since.

I'm not saying all my short hair styles looked awesome on me either. Here is the first picture that was taken of me after my first ever mega chop. I took some cute stylish picture to my mom's stylist. She worked out of a garage converted into a salon. I don't judge, my current stylist cuts my hair in her backyard, whatever. Anyways, it was evident that she had never cut a cute pixie cut and it is also evident that I didn't know how to style one either.

I've made plenty of hair mistakes like baby bangs (top), bleach (bottom) and a buzz cut (fortunately not shown) but I feel like I've happy with my current look. So don't be scared because life with short hair can rock just as hard as life with fishtail braids. 

(I feel like the hair bleaching summer of my life and how I ended up with a buzz cut could be interesting stories I may share with you later. Wait and see.)

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