Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Music Tuesday

I was a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy, you know it was a book club read! Actually, The Hunger Games was the only book that all of the former book club members read! So the movie is coming out and I'm super excited for the release. I'm not going opening weekend because I have a problem with crowds and I would probably get beat up since I talk during movies and apparently people hate that. That is why I don't go to the movies. Well, that and you can't drink while you watch the movie. Oh and also my husband falls asleep during movies no matter what it is or where he is! 

Anyways, the soundtrack was released today and I was pleasantly surprised! Artists that make an appearance on the album are The Decemberists (my favorite!), Arcade Fire, The Secret Sisters and The Civil Wars. Good stuff, it's getting downloaded.

Is anyone going to see the movie opening weekend??? DON'T let me know how it is. Thanks.

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