Friday, March 23, 2012

Some randoms and delayed reaction.

It's Spring homies! To celebrate a wore my brand spankin' new favorite skirt that is a glorious poppy spring color. Today I will bust out the wedges! Sandals for the first time this year. I painted my toe nails. Very exciting business. We have a business weekend over here. My Spring break starts today so no homework for me and I'm going to live it up! Last night the man of the house got rear ended which is very sad news. We spent forever looking for his truck and he just put some fancy expensive hitch on the back to haul the camper and that hunk of metal probably saved the vehicle from more damage but it did loose a bumper. That hitch killed the Honda that rear ended him. He took a picture and that car is busted. Hopefully the truck will be fixed at little cost to us. Fingers crossed. 

Have a happy weekend and enjoy some photos from my little slice of the world!


My favorite/ My Friend the birthday boy

The ladies on the way to the vet. They have dog colds! Boooooooooo!

We hate the vet!/ Pearl claiming the dog bed from Joy. What a bed hog.

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