Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday with just one sister

Pearl wanted nothing to do with me this afternoon, that's fine I allowed her the space. The reason she was over me was because I came home this morning smelling of two other dogs. I was busy party planning at a home with two large dogs she has never had the privilege to meet so she's pissed. She'll get over it. Joy like always has to see you to relax so she soaked up the sun while I procrastinated and didn't finish my homework. I don't think it will ever get done this week.

This weekend was lame. It's just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes you just need to be lame. It was a beer and pizza Friday with a bed time of before 10pm. Then it was a take a shower just to put your sweatpants back on Saturday. The only reason I put real clothes on today was because I had plans this morning, for their sake only did I put concealer on and a bra.

Saturday we did leave the house so I put a bra on then too. We left to take the ladies to the dog park. No one ever told me the dog park was like a cult. All the dog park humans knew each other and it was like 20 questions when we arrived. It was a strange thing. Pearl and Joy were over it the minute we entered the joint. Boys were sniffin' their private areas and dogs wanted to play with them. I didn't know but they informed me that they don't play with strangers. Joy's ears were in the sad dog down position the whole time and Pearl was marking trees like she was a boy dog. After 10 minutes we spilt and we promised the fur gals that we would never make them go back there. Lesson learned, dog parks aren't for the Stets family. 

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  1. loving that sweet little face!

    i gave you a little shout out on my blog.